Meyer Profile - Honors Program

Kirstin_Meyer   Kirstin Meyer

   Major: Zoology
   Minors:  Music & German
   Projected graduation: May 2011

Kirstin Meyer visits a park in Frankfurt, Germany.  She traveled to Germany in December with her faculty mentor, Dr. Neil Cumberlidge (Biology), to present their research regarding freshwater crabs.  (Photo courtesy of Kirstin Meyer)

Kirstin recently shared her thoughts regarding the Honors Program at Northern Michigan University and her future plans after graduation.

Please reflect on your education at Northern Michigan University and your Honors Program experiences:

I came to NMU in the fall of 2008 from my hometown of Midland, MI, and have since earned a major in Zoology and minors in Music and German, and I will graduate with Full Honors.  The Honors program made it easier for me to stay engaged in my classes because I felt I was being challenged, and I also had a small community of academically-minded students to lean on.  I had the opportunity through the Freshman Fellows program to do research on African freshwater crabs, and I have published 4 papers so far with my research advisor, Dr. Neil Cumberlidge.  I am also doing a research project on freshwater mussels for my Honors Capstone.

What are your future plans?

I have received a U.S. Student Fulbright Program award, and I will be spending a year studying deep-sea ecology in Bremerhaven, Germany.  I plan to also study the deep sea in graduate school and eventually earn a Ph.D.