Patricia_ParkPatricia Park

Major:  Mathematics
Graduation:  May 2014

Why did you decide to join the honors program?

I wanted to broaden my studies at Northern by learning and being around an exceptional group of people, and I knew that the honors program would provide me with more challenges in my college career.

Describe some learning experience that you’ve had in your area of interest.

I am majoring in Mathematics, and I am in the Calculus II class this semester. I look forward to this class every day because I never know what to expect; one day, I may learn about finding the area of a surface of revolution, and the next day, I may learn about the history of the Greeks related to the history of Math! I have learned so much in that class so far, and I must say that I do not think I will ever get sick of Math.

What do you do for fun?

I don’t have much free time because of training, but I would say that I train for fun. It is such a privilege to be on the USOEC Weightlifting program, and that is just about what I call fun!

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This book helped me open my eyes to a whole different perspective of being a Christ follower.

How can you describe your first fall here in Marquette?

My first fall here in Marquette has been a roller coaster. The weather has been hot to cold, then cold to warm; my school work has been overwhelming to easy-going, then easy-going to barely doable; and my training has been physically demanding to mentally challenging, then mentally difficult to absolutely manageable. Overall, I would not want to be anywhere in the whole wide world other than right here in Marquette.

Name one thing you enjoy about your honors class(es) so far this term.

I am in the Honors 101, Origins West Values-Antiquity class, and I love it. My favorite part of the class is watching the plays that we read to see the liveliness of the drama. It helps me to see the sides of the characters that I don’t fully picture while reading on my own.

What do you see yourself doing for employment in seven years?

In seven years, I see myself working for a consulting firm as an actuary. Becoming an actuary is an unimaginably challenging road, but from my knowledge, it is a job that truly pays off in the end.