Students Present at NCHC Conference

Three NMU Honors Program students, Anna Burnett, Julia Dehring, and Rachael Goldsworthy, presented their research in October at the 45th Annual Conference of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC).  Students submitted their   original research to the NCHC, and all three were invited to attend the conference and present their work during a student poster session.

The students were accompanied by Honors Program Director, David Wood, and honors staff member, Georgia Tillotson.  Over 1,800 students, honors program directors, and staff from across the nation attended this year’s conference in Kansas City, Missouri.   The conference NCHC_gatheringprovided a venue which encouraged the exchange of ideas, provided opportunities to learn about other honors programs, and showcased student work through poster sessions, panel discussions, and general session presentations. Conference attendees explored Kansas City's historic districts and neighborhoods through the NCHC's unique City as Text™ program.  The conference provided many great learning opportunities and experiences to participants.

Student Poster Presentation:


Julia Dehring (left) and Anna Burnett (right) prepare their posters prior to their session.


Anna Burnett's presentation examined changes in the production of maple syrup due to the industrialization of agriculture, and how these changes have impacted smaller family farms.


During the poster session, Julia Dehring discusses her findings with an attendee.  Dehring researched how school lunches could be made more nutritious than the highly processed foods that are typically served. Read more


Rachael Goldsworthy explains her research at the NCHC poster presentation.  Goldsworthy examined the Atkins diet's impact on the number of employees in Michigan's bakery, flour, and pasta industries.