Rebecca Mead Publication

Swedes in MichiganHistory Department Associate Professor Rebecca Mead has published Swedes in Michigan, an investigation of the contributions of these Scandinavian immigrants to the history and culture of our state. The book is part of an ongoing series, "Discovering the Peoples of Michigan," a project of the Michigan State University Press. Other NMU faculty, present and past, who have contributed to the series include Professor History Russell Magnaghi, Cornish in Michigan and Italians in Michigan; Interim Director of Education Joseph Lubig, Maltese in Michigan; and retired Professor of Education Dennis Badaczewski, Poles in Michigan.

This is Rebecca Mead's second book. Her first publication, How the Vote Was Won: Woman Suffrage in the Western United States has been issued in a paperback edition by the New York University Press. Dr. Mead will advance her future research on the history of woman suffrage as well as on the Native peoples of the Great Lakes region through a one-semester sabbatical which she awarded for the Winter 2013 semester.