Dwight B. Waldo Award

Dwight B. Waldo Award

Dwight B. Waldo Award is named after the first professor of history and President of Northern State Normal School (1899 - 1904). It can be given to an individual or institution for special service or a substantial gift which results in the enhancement of the study of history at Northern Michigan University.

The award is not given on a yearly basis. It is a special award that is given when the individual deserves it.

Name Year Rationale for Award

Clifford F. Maier
History Professor

1988 Worked as the university archivist against great odds and obstacles to develop a professional archives.

Martin L. Dolan
History Professor

1989 Single-handedly created and promoted Phi Alpha Theta in the spring of 1969.

David P. Spelgatti
Founder of the Paisano Club

1991 Had the Paisano Club of the U.P. give a donation to NMU which resulted in the study of Italian immigrants in the U.P. and hte creation of over 150 oral interviews. Great addition to the NMU Archives; 400+ photos at the Marquette Regional History Center as well.

Willard L. Cohodas
Banker and Citizen

1994 Donated for the purchase of resource materials dealing with the Holocaust for the Olson Library.

William Vandament
President of NMU

1996 Provided special monies to hire history students to work on museum projects and for special taping equipment for the Archives. Supported the creation of Center for U.P. Studies

Thomas G. Friggens
Director of the Michigan Iron Industry Museum

1999 Worked closely with the department to develop a living history program for NMU students at Fort Wilkins. Also a strong friend of the department.

Rowena R. Jones
English professor

2004 Donated monies for a scholarship

Grace H. Magnaghi

2004 Donated monies for the Grace H. Magnaghi Fellowship to promote research travel to the NMU Archives and for the purchase of microfilm of most available newspapers of the U.P. for the NMU Archives.

Marion L. Sonderegger

2004 Donated monies for the Sonderegger Scholarship and the Sonderegger Symposium which promotes the study of U.P. heritage.

Michael J. Roy
VP for Financial Affairs

2006 Provided funds as Financial Vice President for the creation and placement of bronze markers identifying the buildings on campus and providing employment for NMU students to help develop these markers.

Diane D. Kordich
Professor of Art & Design

2007 Provided museum-related internships for over a dozen history students; created the historical museum exhibits found in the University Center, Superior Dome and the Jacobetti Complex.

Dan Truckey
Director of the Beaumier Hertiage Center

2012 Helped establish the Beaumier Hertiage Center as a valued community site for learning about history through a rich variety of programming and exhibits. Also connected the past with the present by sponsoring cultural events that celebrate the heritage of the Upper Peninsula.