Course Descriptions

History Courses


HS 110 History and Popular Culture
HS 120 Turning Points in History
HS 130 Globalization and You
HS 201 World History to 1520
HS 202 World History since 1400
HS 204 Great Lakes Lighthouse History
HS 205 Great Lakes Maritime History
HS 221 The United States to 1865
HS 222 The United States Since 1865
HS 233 Native American History
HS 234 Indigenous People of Latin America
HS 244 The American Labor Movement
HS 245 The American West
HS 251 Latin American Civilization
HS 252 Arab-Islamic History
HS 254 Introduction to the History of Africa
HS 256 Approaching China
HS 259 Approaching Japan
HS 273 LGBT History
HS 283 American Women's History
HS 285 History of Manhood in America
HS 292 African American History
HS 295 Special Topics in History
HS 302 Ancient Rome
HS 304 The Middle Ages
HS 305 Renaissance-Reformation
HS 307 Themes in Early Modern Europe
HS 308 Themes in Modern Europe
HS 311 Central European Culture and Civilization
HS 312 Revolutionary Russia
HS 313X Culture in Context: (Country Varies)
HS 314 Modern Britain, 1485-Present
HS 315 Imperialism
HS 316 The Holocaust
HS 325 Colonial America in the Atlantic World
HS 326 America from Revolution to Jackson
HS 327 Civil War and Reconstruction
HS 328 America in the Age of Industrialization and Reform
HS 329 America in the Recent Past
HS 330 United States Sport History
HS 335 Michigan History
HS 336 History of the Upper Peninsula
HS 337 American Economic History
HS 339 United States Immigration History
HS 342 Introduction to Museum Studies
HS 344 Archival Management
HS 345 Oral History: Theory and Practice
HS 350 Methods and Materials in Teaching Social Studies Education
HS 354 History of Prejudice
HS 358 Modern Japan
HS 359 Themes in Non-Western History
HS 360 Chinese Revolution, 1800-Present
HS 361 History of the Americas
HS 362 History of Mexico
HS 363 Canadian History and Culture
HS 380 Public History
HS 382 Historical Role Playing
HS 390 The Historian's Laboratory
HS 410 Seminar in Approaches to History
HS 415 Major Themes in American History
HS 490 The History Seminar
HS 491 Internship in History
HS 495 Special Topics in History
HS 498 Directed Study in History

Labor Studies

LSP 101 Introduction to Labor Studies
LSP 101A Introduction to Labor Studies
LSP 101B Introduction to Labor Studies
LSP 295 Special Topics in Labor Studies
LSP 490 Seminar in Labor Leadership
LSP 495 Special Topics in Labor Studies