Student Internships

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ATR InternshipKeenan Quinlevan - Athletic Training Major                    

Internship: ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL

Career Goal: Graduate school, health care administration or sports management.

Duties: The management, care and treatment of athletic injuries for youth and amateur athletics. This included baseball, softball, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse, track and field and soccer.

Hands On Experience: This internship provided Keenan experience working with youth and parents as well as treatment for a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries along with more serious general medical injuries.  “This setting provided a tremendous advantage because you are exposed to high volume and a broad scope of injuries that you are not able to experience in many other settings.  We also had the opportunity to tour the NASA Rehab Center. Additionally we worked with orthopedic surgeons that were associated with the sports medicine program at Disney and observed surgeries in the operating room.”

Working and Living Conditions: The internship (May-August) included approximately 500 hours of work coverage. Work schedules changed from week to week depending on the event schedule.  Interns typically work 5-6 days a week and shifts varied from 6-15 hour days.  “While work schedules were full I also had time to get to know the other interns and establish good friendships which will last a long time.   Recently some of the interns came together to share a skiing trip out West.”  Finding time  to explore the Orlando area and the parks was also possible for the interns.  Likewise interns lived together in apartment complexes which included paid utilities and a small food stipend.      

Advice: “Use of the Internet as a major resource, making sure to network with others in your field and try to meet as many people and learn as much as possible. Most internships are either non-paying or low paying positions so you need to be financially able to do an internship and pay for travel and personal expenses.” 

Overall, Keenan says “this experience was awesome and I feel fortunate that I was able to have exposure to injuries that it would otherwise take years to see. I believe it will give me an advantage when the time comes to find employment in my field.”

Jessica Trotochaud - Management of Health and Fitness

Jessica Trotochaud“Crash Simulation Astronaut” for a day!  This is one of the many experiences Jessica Trotochaud was able to take advantage of over the summer while completing her Corporate Fitness Internship with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Fitness Centers in Florida this past summer.  Jessica completed her Management of Health and Fitness undergraduate degree in May 2010 and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Exercise Science.

Jessica’s responsibilities included fitness and lifestyle consultations, personal training, fitness assessments, leading group fitness classes, instructing Pilates and physical training to NASA firefighters, organizing health fairs, doing outreach tables in center buildings, creating and working out with walking groups, going to wellness workshops, working blood pressure screenings and developing, implementing and evaluating incentive programs. 

The most enjoyable aspect of her internship was training the NASA, USA and contracted employees on the Space Center site and being able to have a front row view of the rocket and shuttle launches that took place while she was there.

She feels that her internship experience helped her develop personally and professionally by practicing her skill set in the areas of physiology and kinesiology, as well as in programming and presenting herself confidently in her abilities.

Jessica suggests getting involved in the field as early as you can.  You can do this by obtaining certifications and taking advantage of other varying experiences.  She believes that once you have found your niche, focus on developing that specific skill set by finding a related internship and applying for it as soon as you are able.  She also stated that “Internships are learning opportunities.  You are not expected to know everything, so don’t be afraid to ask questions to gain confidence in your weaker areas and develop your strengths, because this will be a trial run of a ‘real” job!’”

Now the Senior Health Fitness Specialist with MediFit Citi Bank in Tampa, Florida, Jessica continues to utilize the education she gained both in and out of the classroom.