Secondary Education Physical Education

Secondary Education Physical Education

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The School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation's Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Program is committed to preparing students as successful teachers of physical education for licensing in Michigan.  Reciprocal license agreements allow students to teach in most other states.

The department offers an all-grade physical education teaching program and a minor program for elementary and secondary majors.  Majors in physical education are trained to teach physical education in public and private elementary, middle and high schools (P-12).  Minors focus on the developmental level they will seek certification at.

The purpose of the PETE Program is to develop outstanding educators that will have a positive effect on the children they teach.  Students gain competency in a variety of movement skills and in fitness education methodologies.  Further, students develop the philosophical base, knowledge and experiential background necessary for analyzing, synthesizing, and applying scientific knowledge to physical education practices.

Physical education teaching students are also provided with classroom and field experiences related to growth and development, communication, management and motivation, diverse learners, assessment, reflection, and collaboration with others. 

The department believes strongly in the constructivist philosophy, thus, teacher preparation in physical education involves early and continuous field experiences in local public and private schools.  This experiential background throughout the curriculum allows physical education content knowledge to be taken into practice and reflected on throughout the program.  Thus, the pedagogical skills to help future professionals be successful in guiding their students through instructionally and developmentally appropriate practice are nurtured and developed.

Finally, the program seeks to promote a sincere interest in quality teaching and a personal commitment to being physically educated and in helping others to become so.