Recreation - Undergraduate Courses

RE 110 Introduction to Leisure and Recreation
RE 155 Outdoor Living Skills
RE 172 Introduction to Wildland Firefighting
RE 175 Basic Air Operations
RE 176 Wildland Fire Chain Saws and Pumps
RE 191 Professional Development Seminar I
RE 250 Education in Outdoor Settings
RE 251 Adventure Activities, Facilitation and Group Behavior
RE 261 Leadership and Pedagogy in Leisure Services
RE 270 Outdoor Recreation Resources, Behavior and Values
RE 272 Intermediate Fire Behavior
RE 291 Professional Development Seminar II
RE 292 Wildland Fire Field Experience
RE 294 Field Work (A, B, C and/or D)
RE 295 Special Topics in Leisure
RE 296 Special Topics in Leisure
RE 297 Directed Study in Leisure
RE 298 Directed Study in Leisure
RE 340 Eco and Adventure Tourism
RE 352 Wilderness First Responder
RE 356 Wilderness Stewardship
RE 357 Teaching of Canoeing
RE 358 Teaching of Rock Climbing
RE 362 Program Design in Leisure Services
RE 371 Protected Area Management
RE 372 Fire Crew
RE 373 Interagency Incident Business Management
RE 374 Lessons Learned
RE 375 Followership to Leadership
RE 376 Advanced Firefighter
RE 381 Interpretation I: Foundations and Guided Services
RE 382 Interpretation II: Self-Guided Media
RE 391 Professional Development Seminar III
RE 410 Leisure Through the Ages
RE 440X International Eco and Adventure Tourism Studies
RE 450 Adventure Program Planning and Management
RE 455 WEA National Standard Program I
RE 456 WEA National Standard Program II
RE 457 WEA National Standard Program III
RE 461 Management and Supervision of Leisure Services
RE 467 Evaluation/Research in Leisure Services
RE 482 New and Portable Media in Interpretation
RE 491 Professional Assessment Seminar
RE 492 Internship
RE 495 Special Problems in Leisure
RE 496 Special Problems in Leisure
RE 497 Directed Study in Leisure
RE 498 Directed Study in Leisure

RE 371, 381 and 382 class pre-requisites