Adjunct Faculty

The School Health, Physical Education and Recreation regularly employs approximately 40 adjunct faculty. If you are interested in an adjunct position, please send your vitae to Dr. Mary Jane Tremethick, Associate Dean and Director, School of Health and Human Performance, Northern Michigan University, 1401 Presque Isle Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855 or as an e-mail attachment to

Previous teaching experience at the university level is preferred. Applicants must be current in the discipline in which they wish to teach.

The following is a list of current adjunct faculty:

Hans Andel

John Bennett 

Ron Berry

Peter Bosma

Aaron Clemins

Lori Connelly


Megan DeChambeau

Tim DeMarte


Robert Fleury

Maria Formolo

Pete Glover

Jill Grundstrom

Kristen King

Barbara Knox

Dave Kronk 

Dawn Lundin

Roger MacNeill

Alesia Maki

Alicia Morey


Andrew Nelson

Jeff Noble


Don Peterman

Etienne Senker

Clinton Sylvester

Theut, Katie

Scott Thomas

Thomson, Sarah

Hope Virch

Randall Wellings


Jesse Wernholm

Cecelia Wilkinson

Renxin Yang


Jenna Zdunek


Adjunct Manual