Exercise Science Lab Equipment


Current Instrumentation – 2014/2015

Exercise Modes

Multiple exercise/fitness treadmills
GE series 2000 clinical treadmill
High-speed research treadmill (Quinton 18-60)
Oversized FitNex treadmill (8'x10' – accommodates roller skiing and bicycling)
Multiple mechanically braked Monark cycle ergometers and Schwinn Airdyne cycle ergometers
Recumbent cycle ergometers (Schwinn and Stairmaster)
LifeFitness elliptical ergometers
Multiple Concept II rowing ergometers
Lode Excaliber Sport cycle ergometer with Wingate power testing and pedal force measurement
VASA Ergometer mounted for XC ski poling
10'x10' rock climbing wall with mounts for four 3-dimensional force platforms
4'x13' 45-degree overhanging rock climbing board

Strength and General Physiology

Biodex System 4 isokinetic dynamometer
Biodex Balance System
Multiple PCB force sensors; one in an apparatus for measuring finger curl force
Four Biopac MP150 data acquisition systems for ECG, EMG, force, skin temp
BTS FreeEMG300 8 channel telemetry EMG system; includes interface for electrogoniometers and accelerometers. Can also be direct linked to Motion Analysis system and Biodex System 4 dynamometer


CareFusion VMax29 Encore expired air & pulmonary analysis system
CareFusion/Jaeger Oxycon Mobile portable expired air analysis system
LactatePro whole blood lactate analysis (x 2)
Lactate Scout whole blood lactate analysis (x 2)
Lactate Plus whole blood lactate analysis (x 2)
Hypoxico 10-ft x 12-ft normobaric hypoxia chamber (up to 4500 meters ASL)


Marquette Electronics MAX-1 12-lead exercise ECG with integrated GE treadmill
Polar heart rate monitors + computer interface
Numerous setups for measuring blood pressure via auscultation
Flow volume loop spirometry (all CareFusion analyzers)

Biomechanics (In addition to the above)

Motion Analysis Corporation (MAC) 6 camera system (3 Raptor, 3 Hawk cameras) 3D retro reflective kinematic system with Cortex 2 software
MaxTraq 2D video analysis system
One high-speed Casio ExLIM-1 video camera (up to 600 Hz)
Five AMTI 3-dimensional force platforms, 2 with underwater capability & 1 portable
Two dual plane Biometrics Electrogoniometers (work with Biopac and BTS)
Two instrumented bicycle wheels for measuring power output and cadence
Multiple electrogoniomenters (BioPac)
Electromyography (see BioPac and BTS above under Strength and General Physiology)