Senior Citizen Program

Senior citizensNorthern Michigan University offers a comprehensive senior citizens program for lifelong learners. In the School of Health and Human Performance, courses in this program include exercise, swimming and Tai Chi courses.

Participation Requirements

  • You must be age 62 at the start of the semester to enroll and participate in the senior programs.
  • Complete the NMU admission application (if not already done).
  • Sign a consent form.
  • Complete a registration form.
REMEMBER: You should consult with your doctor before participating in any exercise program.

Senior Citizen Courses

Senior Swim: This course in water exercise enhances flexibility and cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Participants have a choice of a group “aqua-aerobics” activity in the pool or individual swimming in the dive tank. There is less strain on joints and ligaments so less chance for injury with this type of activity. In aqua-aerobics an instructor demonstrates the various exercises of arms, legs and core body. The course meets three times a week.

Senior Exercise: Gentle stretching, muscle toning and aerobic exercises led by your own professional group leader. Emphasis is on balance functional activity. You work at your own pace/level and variations are given for individual ability as needed. This is an excellent complement to the senior swim program. The course meets twice a week.

Senior Tai Chi: Tai Chi has been taught/practiced for centuries and dates to the 3rd century AD. It consists of slow and gentle flowing deliberate movements coordinated with breath. It increases flexibility, balance, stamina, strength and mental well being as well as energy flow to the body. It is sometimes referred to as meditation in motion and is practiced not only for its physical exercise but also for stress reduction and relaxation. The course meets twice a week.

Course Registration
To enroll in any of these courses, please go to the School of Health and Human Performance located in room 201 of the Physical Education Instructional Facility (PEIF). If you have additional questions, contact the School of Health and Human Performance at 906-227-2130.