Group discussionWhile awareness events, activities and media campaigns are generally considered to be more effective strategies when trying to reach larger populations, face-to-face contact in the form of a variety of small group presentations, classes and discussions are still effective when trying to engage individual students or small groups.

For this purpose, the Health Promotion Office has developed a wide range of programs.  The type of presentations that are targeted to reach individual students include:

  • facilitated classroom discussions
  • small group early intervention classes for students who have violated campus/community alcohol and/other drug rules, policies and laws
  • Center for Student Enrichment Leadership Program Skillbuilder! Workshops
  • theater/performance based presentations and discussions
  • a wide variety of student designed and researched "Jeopardy"-style interactive quiz bowl games.

HPO will also work with students and staff to research and develop other approaches to delivering health- and safety-related information as requested.

Curriculum Support for Faculty

Through two for-credit courses at Northern, the Health Promotion Office is able to reach a large number of students. In HP200, which is required for all students, our office facilitates classroom activities to increase awareness about the negative consequences of alcohol.  This collaboration provides us access to more than 1,500 NMU students each year enrolled in 30-35 classes. UN100, the First Year Experience program, has an annual enrollment of approximately 1000 students in approximately 50 classes each year. The Health Promotion Office leads activities and discussions about dating violence and introduces valuable campus and community health resources. 

Our office is also involved  with the Rape Aggression Defense class, the Drug Use and Abuse class, the Bar and Beverage Management Class and the English Department’s Good Books class.  We encourage professors teaching any NMU class to contact us at 906-227-1455 to see how we can support related topics in your classroom.

In addition, the Health Promotion Office provides two classes to support the efforts of our Dean of Students Office and other referral agencies in their work on campus discipline issues. The small group classes are designed for students who have violated campus and/or community rules or laws related to alcohol or other drugs. 

These classes, one which focuses on alcohol-related violations and one which focuses on marijuana-related violations, are designed to help students explore some of the decisions or choices that were made that resulted in a referral to one of these classes.  The classes challenge what students know or think they know about their drug of choice, give them an opportunity to complete a self-assessment of their alcohol/other drug use and introduce them to helping resources on campus, in the greater Marquette area and if necessary, in their home towns. While these classes were designed for university or community-based referral sources, students have been referred by parents and significant others as well.  These classes are also open to any student who is interested in examining choices that may be interfering with their academic careers while at NMU.

It is necessary to enroll in these classes in advance as classes are small and seats are limited.  Students who have been mandated to attend one of these classes by a university office, community agency, or family member should contact the NMU Dean of Students Office at 906-227-1710 for class registration details.  Students who are interested in one of these classes and would like to refer themselves should contact the Health Promotion Office at 906-227-1416.  Please note that there is a $10.00 fee that must be paid prior to registering for this class.

Quiz Bowl

In the spirit of educational opportunities developed by students for students, the Health Promotion Office is pleased to offer a wide variety of key health and safety topics as part of one of our PowerPoint-based, "Jeopardy"-style quiz bowl activities.  These activities cover topics ranging from alcohol, drinking and driving, tobacco and other drugs to sexually transmitted infections, and are available to NMU students, faculty and staff and members of the community.  Game titles include: “Drinkin’, Smokin’ & Lovin’ (the first in the series), "Club Drugs" (about date rape drugs and party drugs), "Sexamination" (about sexual behavior and sexually transmitted infections), "Drinking & Driving," “No Ifs, Ands or Butts” (about tobacco), "Drugs, Sex, & Rock 'n' Roll", and others dealing with fetal alcohol syndrome, mental health issues, gambling and parenting. A grant from the Marquette Community Foundation a few years ago made it possible for the Health Promotion Office to finalize and adapt our tobacco quiz bowl game and share it classrooms around Marquette County.