Awareness Events

New Student Orientation

The Health Promotion Office  supports the efforts of the NMU Orientation Office by providing and presenting brief overviews of departmental services, resources and involvement opportunities at each of the summer orientation sessions for students entering the fall semester, as well as at each of the two orientation sessions that occur just before classes begin prior to the fall and winter semesters.

Fall Fest

The Health Promotion Office (HPO) participates in the campus-wide Fall Fest which is scheduled for the first Monday of classes at the start of the fall semester.  This event, centrally located on the Academic Mall, provides students looking for more information about the office, interested in talking with office staff or thinking about getting involved as an office volunteer or campus peer educator an easier way to connect with office representatives.

Alcohol, AIDS, Acquaintance Rape Awareness Week

Generally scheduled for the last week in October, giving the Health Promotion Office an opportunity to plan, promote, partner with other offices and/or student groups, this week features at least one campus-wide activity along with a series of smaller, more localized events and activities designed to raise awareness of and/or bring focus to important health and safety related topics.

The Upper Peninsula Youth Conference

Co-hosted by the Health Promotion Office and held at the NMU University Center, this event brings together hundreds of Upper Peninsula high school students from dozens of high schools to learn more about a wide range of health and safety related concerns, develop new prevention skills and strategies and make plans to carry some of those messages to their home schools.  HPO staff and students have been regular presenters at this event addressing a variety of alcohol, tobacco and dating violence issues.

The Great American Smokeout

This national event that occurs in late November and provides the Health Promotion Office with an opportunity to raise awareness about tobacco use, second-hand smoke, a variety of smoking cessation approaches and the do's and don’ts of addressing smoking issues with friends and family.  This event is used to provide support for smokers thinking about quitting, and support for those challenged by second-hand smoke.

Safe Holiday Campaign

In conjunction with NMU’s Department of Public Safety, the Health Promotion Office works hard to raise awareness about drinking and driving and party hosting related concerns in early December as part of our campus Safe Holiday Campaign.

SaferBreak Week

Two weeks prior to spring break in February as part of our SaferBreak Week promotion, HPO challenges students to contemplate healthier and safer choices during their time away from campus. A significant part of our SaferBreak Week effort each year is the jointly sponsored...

Wildcat Wellness Fair

This fair provides opportunities for campus departments, student groups and community-based service providers to share a range of health and safety related booths, displays and activities including a variety of physical screenings. The Wildcat Wellness Fair also serves as a platform to provide information about gambling and gaming concerns in conjunction with the State of Michigan’s Gambling Awareness events.

Parent Awareness Month - March

The month of March is recognized by the State of Michigan as Parent Awareness Month and the Health Promotion Office plans and promotes at least one activity each year to celebrate the parent/child relationship and the importance of good parenting.  Some years the focus in on programming for the parents and others the focus is on programming for the kids.

April Awareness

The Health Promotion Office coordinates activities each April to bring recognition to alcohol and sexual assault awareness concerns and activities.  Included each year is some type of alcohol screening day activity and some type of performance and display addressing sexual assault.