Health Promotion Materials

The office maintains a variety of printed and electronic resources available for students.

Pamphlets, bookmarks, wallet cards and other printed materials are displayed in a number of pamphlet racks located in the Health Promotion Office Resource Center. Interested individuals are encouraged to stop by and take one copy of any brochure(s) that you find, as long as it is not marked as a “table or Resource Center copy.”  Individuals in need of multiple copies of our materials should ask the student staff or Health Promotion Specialist.  We will do everything that we can to fulfill reasonable requests, but our resources are limited, so your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  There is also one pamphlet rack located just outside the Center.  This rack provides after-hours pamphlet access for those in the University Center at night and on the weekends.

The Health Promotion Office Resource Center has pamphlets on a variety of topics including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS and gambling/gaming.  In addition to printed materials related to these topics the Center also has a small library of electronic resources, including videos, CDs and DVDs.  These materials are generally available for use/viewing only in the Health Promotion Office Resource Center.  Special arrangements to use these electronic materials, as well as posters from our poster library, outside of the office can be made by checking with the Health Promotion Specialist.