Related Student Organizations

Peer Educators

Read more about the Peer Educators here.

NMU Straight-Laced

The goal of Straight Laced is to provide networking for students who want to be alcohol and substance free, away from the peer pressures of so many college atmospheres today. We hope that by putting on social events and providing “hangouts” for students to just be themselves, we can create a safe haven for them so they do not have to worry about these pressures. Our goal is to take a laid-back approach and inform students that alcohol and other drugs are not needed to have fun and to show them that they do not stand alone. We will never persecute anyone for drinking, but we will allow them to understand that we are here for their support at any time or want to be substance free.

Students in Recovery

The Health Promotion Office is also interested in facilitating the development of a new student organization (not another 12-step meeting) for NMU students who happen to be involved in the “recovery” stage of dealing with past alcohol, tobacco and/or other drug use.  We believe that students in “recovery” would benefit tremendously once they can connect with others who have had similar life-changing experiences.  Any student who is interested in helping this important new student organization get started this fall should contact HPO.