Volunteer Activities

Volunteering and getting involved to make a difference is something that students have been doing for many years before heading off to college.  Students who have had experience leading or just participating as part of important high school groups like Action Troupe, SADD, Project Graduation and Youth-to-Youth or who have been involved in peer theater, peer listening, peer counseling or peer mediation programs are students who definitely would be great additions to HPO’s volunteer team. 

But not all students who were interested in those projects had the time to add one more thing to their to-do lists.  Students who worked, were involved in sports, helped out around the house or were active in programs like Scouting or faith-based youth groups are also good candidates to become involved in HPO volunteer efforts.  Sometimes students are interested in helping out a bit, but not necessarily interested in leading the group or being in front of a classroom or residence hall group.  The Health Promotion Office is aware that each offer of help counts and greatly appreciates every effort that our student volunteers make to help out around the office so that together we can make a difference and help make our campus a healthier and safer place for NMU students.  Please contact us at 906-227-1455 or hpo@nmu.edu to explore volunteer opportunities that might be of interest to you.