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Health Promotion Office

The Health Promotion Office provides Northern Michigan University students with easy access to key information about a wide range of social, health-related issues to help in their ongoing decision-making processes. In these critical areas of student health and safety, “information is definitely power.” The HPO office makes this valuable information available to students so that they are able to make choices that will give them the best chance for academic achievement and success in life after the college experience.

Volunteers and Peer Educators

Each year the Health Promotion Office provides a number of short-term volunteer opportunities for students to help out with a variety of awareness activities and events. Students often can meet course requirements for community service by assisting us during the school year.  More Information

Health Guru

View our entire Health Guru video library on YouTube for health information of any kind, in easy to browse video format. 

Take advantage of this free student resource, designed to help college students at every part of their collegiate experience. Read the current issue <a href="http://readsh101.com/nmu.html">here</a>Our staff is dedicated to helping NMU students be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/healthpromotions/contact-us">Contact us</a> to find out how we can help you!

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Health Promotion Society

The Health Promotion Society wants you to join and help us make Marquette a healthier, happier community is encouraged to join! We have a lot of great volunteer opportunities to get involved this next semester like the Wildcat Health Fair, Special Olympics, and the Noquemanon Ski Races. If you want to gather some volunteer hours, meet some awesome people, and learn a little more about health and wellness stop by the Health Promotion Office!

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