Media Campaigns

In an attempt to reach as many students as possible with non-judgmental messages about a variety of health and safety topics, the Health Promotion Office has taken a number of different approaches to identifying important issues and concerns that can be identified and addressed using a variety of mass media driven messages. Since 2004 we have engaged in four specific media-based campaigns designed to raise awareness, increase knowledge and provide students alternative ways to look at existing behaviors:

Designated Driver Card“Designated Driver/Safe Ride Home Card” was developed to increase student awareness of and utilization of safer modes of transportation home after a night out socializing with their friends.  It is the position of the Health Promotion Office that students who are drinking too much, those thinking about riding with a drinking driver, those out on a date gone bad with no apparent available transportation  and those abandoned by friends all need access to low-cost, safe transportation home.  With the cooperation of the two local taxi services and two local limousine services and funding from the TCF Bank and the Michigan County Coalition on Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention, we have prepared and printed over 35,000 wallet-sized cards with the phone numbers of the safe ride home services and a student discount rate that allows a carload of our students to get home safely for about a dollar a person.

2 of 3 poster“2 of 3 Consume 5 or Less” focused on helping our students understand that while many of our students may choose to drink,  most choose to do so in a quantity that for most causes no harm to themselves or others. This message was broadly distributed on table tents, flyers, posters and banners, in the school newspaper and as part of the campus’ pre-movie messaging system.
First Thursday Poster “First Thursday: A Campus/Community Tobacco Education Initiative” focused on messages addressing the health complications of smoking for the smoker, the non-smoker and children.  This campaign also utilized table tents, flyers, posters, banners, the school newspaper and the campus’ pre-movie  messaging system.
Guys When You Drink Too MuchLadies When You Drink Too Much

"He Said/She Said” was designed to alert students to the observations that their peers made related to behavior and consequences when drinking too much. The campaign consisted of f 42 separate messages (21 by men about women and 21 by women about men) being incorporated into a design template that gave uniformity to the semester-long campaign.