HPO_office.jpgThe Health Promotion Office provides Northern Michigan University students with easy access to key information about a wide range of social, health-related issues to help in their ongoing decision-making processes. In these critical areas of student health and safety, “information is definitely power.”  The office makes this valuable information available to students so that they are able to make choices that will give them the best chance for academic achievement and success in life after the college experience.

 It provides university students, faculty and staff resources related to alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, sexual assault and dating violence, sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS and gambling and gaming. These resources include:

  • Information (print and electronic)
  • Presentations (classroom, student groups and residence halls)
  • Workshops and training
  • Support for campus-sponsored, alcohol-free programming
  • A growing variety of opportunities for student involvement.

Staff of the Health Promotion Office is available to consult with students, faculty and staff on an individual, confidential basis about concerns that they might have about their own behavior or the behavior of others, and can make referrals to on-campus and off-campus helping resources.

Our Philosophy

The primary mission of the Health Promotion Office is to “work toward a healthier and safer student body.”  In support of this mission, it is important that students and other members of the NMU community see the Health Promotion Office providing access to information in a non-judgmental way and see us supporting and empowering individual student choices and personal responsibility.

The NMU Health Promotion Office is located in the Don H. Bottum University Center, rooms 1201-1202, near Radio-X.