New Graduate Student Orientation

Welcome (or welcome back) to Northern Michigan University and/or graduate studies. We have set-up this self-guided on-line orientation for your convenience, but please contact us directly at or (906) 227-2300 if you have questions that are not addressed in the orientation process or in links on the left hand side of this page.

All new graduate assistants for the 2017-18 academic year are required to attend faculty and staff orientation beginning Monday, August 21, 2017. Please check with your department for required training and dates. Additional details will be posted by the Office of Academic Affairs.

If you would like to schedule a personal campus tour with a graduate student, please contact us at at least one week in advance.

All graduate students seeking a degree or certificate should work closely with their academic adviser to schedule courses. If you need your adviser's information, please contact or (906) 227-2300.

Students at NMU in the fallKey steps for all NMU students

Use the orientation information below to complete the following steps:

  1. Activate your MyNMU account (includes your NMU e-mail address)
  2. Determine your degree and/or course requirements
  3. Get your Wildcat Express ID card (for on-campus students)
  4. Complete the FAFSA if you would like to be considered for federal loans (NMU's code is 002301)
  5. Register for courses, pay tuition, start classes
  6. Enjoy the many opportunities available at NMU and in the surrounding area

MyNMU on-line account, e-mail and computer information

  • NMU uses your MyNMU account to distribute information to you, including legally required notices.
    It is important to set-up your on-line account as soon as possible and check it regularly.
  • Set-up your MyNMU account on the New User Page by following the instructions provided. NOTE: If you have ever set-up your MyNMU account, your username and password are the same. If you need assistance with accessing your previous account, see the MyUser page to reset your password or contact the NMU Help Desk at (906) 227-2468.
  • Log-in to your MyNMU account using the username and password just created. From your MyNMU account, you can:
    • Update your address and phone numbers
    • Search and register for courses - See registration instructions
    • View your course schedule
    • Reserve your textbooks
    • View your grades
    • Run an un-official degree audit (Degree Evaluation - CAPP)
    • View un-official and request official transcripts
    • Allow Proxy Access for someone else to view your account
    • Pay tuition and other campus charges
    • Purchase your parking decal ($140 per year)
    • Register your bike (free)
    • Purchase a recreation membership
    • Any many more options
  • Pick-up your NMU mobile device (for full-time students/8 credits a semester) according to the distribution schedule of your starting semester. NOTE: You will need your Wildcat Express ID (see below) to pick up your mobile device on campus. Mobile devices may be picked up at Micro Repair in the lower level of the LRC after fall distribution or for winter semester. Be sure to view NMU's ​mobile device policies. If you are a web-based full-time student and would like to use a NMU mobile device, see the off-campus mobile device policy and contact (906) 227-2818. Students that are not full-time may choose to rent a mobile device See the Mobile Device Rental Policy for information.
  • EduCat is NMU's online learning portal. If you are an online student or take any course online, you must complete the Online Course Preparation Tutorial prior to accessing online courses. The tutorial is a self-paced module in NMU EduCat that provides information about the strategies, tools, and technology needed to be a successful online learner at Northern Michigan University. The tutorial is a one-time requirement. After completing it, you will gain access to all of your currently ongoing online courses within 20 minutes, and you will not be prompted to complete it again in future semesters. .

Master's degree requirements

  • A summary of important degree requirements is available on this page. Please be sure to consult with your adviser and use the correct graduate bulletin before selecting courses. NMU uses Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) as an advising tool for both students and advisers to evaluate coursework against degree requirements. CAPP degree evaluations can be accessed through MyNMU.

ID card and campus information

This is a partial list of available campus resources. See also Additional Information for All Graduate Students. Also see NMU A-Z for additional campus links.

Off-campus information

This is a partial list of available resources. See also Additional Information for All Graduate Students and Local Services and Attractions.

International Students

Additional Information for Graduate students