Service Charges

Automobile Registration

Students who park or operate a motor vehicle or bicycle on the university campus must register the vehicle with the Public Safety and Police Services Office no later than one week following the first official day of classes each semester. Students must pay the non-refundable fee upon motor vehicle registration. Further information about automobile regulations can be found in the Motor Vehicle Ordinances publication available at the Public Safety and Police Services Office.

Classroom Materials

Certain materials or supplies required by a class may be made available to the student through the university, basically at cost.

Graduation Fee

All students (including graduate certificate recipients) will be assessed a non-refundable $25 graduation processing charge for each degree awarded. Those students receiving a degree and electing to participate in commencement exercises will need to purchase a cap, gown, and hood (if applicable) through the bookstore.

Health Service Charges for Students

Health Center hours are 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday during the academic year (Check for summer hours). Advance appointments are recommended. Charges for student visits vary depending on the complexity of the visit. Pharmaceuticals can be obtained at our pharmacy as well, priced affordably. Lab services are charged separately and again are priced affordably, charges depend on the diagnostic test required.

Library Fines

Fines accumulate on overdue materials at the rate of 15 cents per day per item. Overdue reserve items are charged at the rate of 60 cents per hour.

Students must pay replacement costs of all lost or damaged library materials that have been used in the library or borrowed. Materials not returned within 50 days after the due date, or materials not immediately returned when a student separates from the university (e.g. graduates, withdraws, is not pre registered), are assumed lost, and the borrower is charged for the replacement cost of each item, plus a per-item non refundable processing charge.

Non-sufficient Funds Charge

A service charge of $15 is assessed for each paper check returned by a bank. A $30 service change is assessed for each electronic check returned by a bank.

Nursing Test Charges

Students taking HESI tests will be charged $114 per semester.

Pre-professional Skills Test

A charge of $90-170 (subject to change) will be assessed. This test and fee applies only to teacher education students.

Science Breakage Charge

Students enrolled in science laboratory courses must pay the cost of replacement for any broken glassware or equipment in excess of one dollar. Records of student breakage are maintained in the science department stockrooms and students are notified following the last laboratory meeting of any amount due. The breakage charge is not applicable to CH 490 and CH 491. Breakage charges are payable at the Student Service Center.

Transcript Charge

The charge for each official transcript is $5 per copy, $2 for an unofficial copy and $15 for one-day-service transcripts.

Wildcat Express Card

Students receive a permanent identification card, known as the Wildcat Express Card, during their first semester of enrollment free of charge. However, a replacement charge of $15 is assessed for a lost or damaged ID card.

The Wildcat Express Card is your library card and copy card, and it allows you access to many NMU goods and services. Since many university offices and programs must verify that those requesting services are enrolled, students are required to carry their Wildcat Express Cards for identification purposes. Lending the card to anyone, or failure to present it when requested by university faculty or staff, is a violation of university regulations and subjects the holder to disciplinary action. Contact the Wildcat Express Office, 1227 University Center, for additional information.