Students who expect to graduate with a graduate-level degree must apply for graduation. Students apply for graduation by registering for graduation using the appropriate coding at the same time they register for their final semester of course work, but never later than the fourth calendar day of that semester. Students who expect to graduate at the end of the summer semester, but wish to be publicly recognized in the preceding winter commencement, must register for graduation at the time they register for their winter semester course work. Graduation and commencement codes can be found in the Schedule of Classes document on the Registrar’s Web site,, by following the course registration link.

Students must be an enrolled student with at least one graduate level credit hour in the semester of graduation. GD 593, GD 693 (for Education Specialists only) or another graduate credit can be used for this purpose. The summer semester is exempt from this policy as long as the student was an enrolled student in the prior winter semester with at least one credit  hour and the student does not require access to any university resources or mobile device. If access to university resources or mobile device is required during the summer semester of graduation, the student must enroll in at least one graduate level credit during either session in the summer in order to be eligible to graduate. See the Continuous Enrollment Credit policy for additional information about use of university resources.

Note: A $40 graduation fee is payable at the time of application. See the Service Charges section of this bulletin. Students who do not register for graduation on time will only be considered for a subsequent graduation period providing they register and still qualify. Students may receive multiple degrees at the same graduation ceremony provided that they are not at the same level.  .


The name printed on the diploma will be the same as the name on the student’s academic record. Any change to that name such as the inclusion of a middle name or maiden name must be submitted to the Student Service Center prior to registering for graduation. Diplomas will be mailed to the permanent address on file with the university approximately four to six weeks after the date of graduation.


Commencement is a public ceremony held twice each year to bestow degrees upon students. Students who plan to participate in commencement must select the appropriate coding from the course scheduling options when registering for graduation. Students graduating in December (fall semester) are eligible to participate in December commencement. Students graduating in April/May (winter semester) are eligible to participate in April/May commencement.

Students who qualify for August graduation and are enrolled in their correct courses by the end of the first week of advance registration for that session may participate in the April/May commencement preceding that enrollment. These students must register for their degrees during the registration period for the winter semester but never later than the fourth calendar day of the winter semester, choosing the coding for “August graduation, participating in the April/May commencement” from the schedule of classes document on the Registrar’s Web site. Students who graduate in August may participate in the next December’s commencement ceremony. Arrangements must be made in the Registrar’s Office. Commencement is an optional activity. Students who do not participate in commencement at the time they are qualified to do so may not participate in a later commencement unless they qualify for the awarding of an additional degree. Commencement apparel is ordered and purchased through the NMU Bookstore. Students must select the appropriately-colored hood when they contact the bookstore.