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Mathematics Education (currently suspended)

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Total Credits Required for Degree 35-36

Mathematics Education Component 12
Required Courses in Major 6
Electives 6
Choose from the following: 
Mathematics Component  9
Educational Foundation Component 8-9
Select three courses from the following: 
Research Component 6

*Students may elect to conduct either a master’s project (MAED 594) or a master’s thesis (MAED 599) to complete the MAED program. A minimum of 4 credits is required for the thesis or project. Once a student registers for MAED 599 or MAED 594, he/she must continue to register for at least one credit of MAED 599 or MAED 594 every semester until the thesis or project has been accepted by the graduate faculty.

** Fulfills the State of Michigan requirement of a course of study in teaching reading to advance from a Provisional to a Professional teaching certificate. This course has been added as a result of a fall 2008 curriculum revision. Students entering the program prior to fall 2008 may also select this course as part of the Educational Foundation Component.

Mathematics education and mathematics courses are scheduled over a three- or four-year cycle in summers; education courses are available in summers and during the academic year. When enrollments warrant, mathematics education and mathematics classes are scheduled during the academic year. Some courses are available via distance learning during the academic year. Students should ordinarily expect to take at least one mathematics course, one education course, and one or two mathematics education courses each year (6 to 9 credits).