Course Description

NE 587 Research Practicum / Scholarly Project
4 cr.
Graded: S/U
Prerequisite: NE 501, NE 510 and admission to the graduate nursing program

The purpose of the scholarly project is to synthesize knowledge and skills attained in the graduate program of nursing in an activity that positively influences nursing practice, patient care or contributes to nursing science. The project should be analytic in nature and grounded in theory and research. Emphasis is on pragmatic aspects of applying the various research process elements in realistic ways. The goal is one of application, integration and utilization of best evidence in clinical practice. The project culminates with a written scholarly paper and the development of a product intended to improve health care. For example, the product may involve the development of a protocol or algorithm. Students identify a topic for the project with approval of their faculty adviser. The adviser then supervises and directs the project. Appropriate forms must be completed prior to enrollment. Students must enroll in one credit during selected semesters of the program for a maximum of four credits. The student should consult with the Nursing Department for specific requirements.