Summary of Graduate Programs



Program Code

Concentration (Major)

Subject Areas      
Biology MS BIOL Biology
Biochemistry, Biology Emphasis MS BIOC Biochemistry - Biology
Criminal Justice MS CRIM Criminal Justice
      Criminal Justice Management Certificate
English MA LITR Literature
    WRIT Writing
    PEDA Pedagogy
  MFA CRWR Creative Writing
Health, Physical Education and Recreation MS EXER Exercise Science
Individualized Studies MIS INDV Individualized Studies
Mathematics Education MA MAED Mathematics Education
Nursing MSN NURS Family Nurse Practioner
      Post-Master's Nurse Educator Certificate
      Post-Master's Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate
Public Administration MPA PAHR Human Resource Administration
    PAST State and Local Government
    PACR Criminal Justice Administration
    PAPM Public Management
      Public Management Certificate
Psychology MS PSYCH Experimental Psychology
  MS PYTD Training, Development and Performance Improvement
      Facilitating Training Certificate
      Performance Improvement Certificate
Educational Administration MAE ADSU Educational Administration
Instructional Leadership MAE INSL Instructional Leadership
Elementary Education MAE EEED Elementary Education
Science Education MS EDSI Science Education
School Guidance Counseling MAE SHLC School Guidance Counseling
Learning Disabilities MAE LRND Learning Disabilities
Reading  MAE RBT Reading K-8
Reading Specialist MAE MSBR Reading Specialist K-12
Secondary Education MAE SEED Secondary Education
Education Specialist EdS ADSU Administration and Supervision
      Literacy Leadership
Education (non-degree)      
Certification     Provisional
      Professional Education
      Special Concentrations and Additional Majors/Minors
      Administrator: K-12 Principal
      Administrator: Central Office
Endorsements     Elementary
      Early Childhood
      Learning Disabilities
      School Guidance Counselor
Approvals     Supervisor of Special Education
      Director of Special Education
License     School Guidance Counselor
* Degree abbreviation key:
EdS Education Specialist
MA Master of Arts
MAE Master of Arts in Education
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MIS Master of Individualized Studies
MPA Master of Public Administration
MS Master of Science
MSN Master of Science in Nursing