Student Organizations

Click here for a comprehensive PDF of the EEGS departments student organizations.


Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU)

GTU is an international honor society that you may be eligible for after your second year at NMU.* Current members of GTU often organize geo-workshops open to all students. Some of our recent events include:

  • Geocaching at Presque Isle with Dr. Ziegler
  • Geoarchaeological fieldtrip to Grand Island led by Dr. Anderton


  • Tour of Dancing Crane Farm, led by farm owner and EEGS graduate John Frye.

* Successful competition of at least 3 semesters of college coursework AND 3 GC courses; a minimum overall AND GC course GPA of 3.3 ("B" average).

Please address questions about GTU to, or Dr. Susy Ziegler,, the faculty sponsor.

Superios Geography CLubSuperior Geography Club (SGC)

The Superior Geography Club is an organization of students who are interested in geography within the greater context of the world around them. The club is open to all majors and minors and is a great way to get to know students and faculty, have a fun time and learn a little bit about geography along the way.

Example activities include the following:

  • Monthly Geo-Cinema Movie Nights
  • Hiking up Hogsback Mountain
  • Winter camping at Harlow Lake
  • Guest speakers

Please address questions about SGC to or Dr. John Anderton,, the faculty adviser.

Rock and Mineral clubNMU Rock and Mineral Club (RMC)

The NMU Rock and Mineral Club is an organization of students, faculty, staff and local residents who are interested in geology, physical geography and rocks and minerals. Members have fun while socializing and learning about the geology of the Marquette area and the Upper Midwest region.
Recent activities include the following:

  • Take local field trips to learn about the geological history of the area and the types of rocks and minerals found there
  • Go on a mine tour
  • Visit the Keweenaw Peninsula
  • Get involved with winterfest

Please address questions about RMC to or Dr. Robert Regis, the faculty adviser.

Environmental Science

A few members of the Environmental Science OrganizationOrganization (ESO)

The Environmental Science Organization is a rapidly growing group of students from majors including biology, chemistry, environmental science and political science who have a strong interest in the environment. ESO members commit to an awareness and appreciation of our natural world. They strive to keep informed of glocal and local environmental issues and to learn about how to be more environmentally friendly.

Representative activities of ESO include a yearly campus cleanup, support of the Native Plants Area, outdoor activities such as hikes and camping trips, and a week-long symposium of speakers, documentaries and workshops on an environmental theme.

Please address questions about ESO to or Dr. Ronald Sundell, the faculty adviser.

SFSLStudents 4 Sustainability (S4S)

Members of S4S pursue and promote practices of sustainability on a personal level through,

  • Exploring lifestyles, life choices, education and careers
  • Following the mantra "Someone can't do everything, but everyone can do something"
  • Organizing and attending functions on campus and in the broader community designed to create awareness for the necessity of sustainable living.

Please address questions about S4S to or Ms. Angela Johnson,, the faculty adviser.