News and Events

Fall 2012

  • The Earth, Enviornmental and Geographical Sciences began a search for a tenure-track, assistant professor in the area of Climatologist and Atmospheric Scientist. Learn more


Winter 2012

  • GIS User Group Meeting held at NMU.  The GIS User Group Meeting will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday, March 30th in the Mead Auditorium.  To RSVP, contact Nathan Fazer by March 27th at or 635-1581.  Presentations at this meeting will be provided by Chris Guy, who is a LiDAR specialist at Aerometrics, and Chris Cantrell, a GIS Coordinator in Midland County.
  • Presentation on John Munro Longyear.  Frederick Nelson, a 1973 Northern graduate, is giving a presentation on “The Unintended Research Legacies of John Munro Longyear” at 7 p.m., on Tuesday, April 3rd in the Mead Auditorium.  Longyear is often known as a businessman and entrepreneur, but Nelson will focus on Longyear’s contributions to education and science.  View the Poster.
  • EEGS professor John Anderton led a snowshoe tour at Presque Isle park. The tour explained the geographic history of the area and the impact humans have had on it. Learn more.

Fall 2011

  • An advising party is taking place at 5:30pm on Tuesday, October 25th.  Students needing information on what classes they need to be taking in the winter semester are highly encouraged to attend. Students looking to graduate soon should also attend to make sure they have everything inline to graduate in time.  For more information, check out the flyer and the advising party notes.
  • Dr. Robert Legg will leading GC495 on a trip to Turkey next semester. Students interesting in going should contact Dr. Legg directly and download the flyer.

Spring/Summer 2011

  • Working to establish new study abroad programs at NMU Dr. Robert Legg went to  Başkent University in Ankara Turkey to meet with Dr. Simten Coscar an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations. Paving the way for opportunities at Başkent University and ultimately Turkey as a whole.
  • ESRI Upper Peninsula of Michigan User Group is hosting a GIS User Group Conference at Northern Michigan University in the Mead Auditorium in the West Science Building on June 3rd, 2011 from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  The conference was put together with the help of Dr. Robert Legg of the NMU Dept. of Geography and Nathan Fazer with Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan Regional Planning & Development group out of Sault Saint Marie, MI.   For more information on the conference click here.

Winter 2011

  • Senior Mike Kantola presenting a research poster at the annual meeting of the AAG (American Association of Geographers) Seattle Washington, April 2011.
  • Advising partying taking place in West Science 3710 on March 16th, 2011 @ 5:30pm.  More Information
  • Dr. Legg returns from a successful tour of the Middle East on behalf of Northern Michigan University.  Group photo
  • Dr. Legg is taking part in a trip to Israel and Turkey to encourage internationalization at NMU. (Full Story)
  • Internship opportunities with the National Forest Service in Hiawatha Nation Forest in Summer 2011.  More information here

Fall 2010

  • Research opportunities for undergraduate students in the geosciences and related fields for summer 2011. Check it out here!
  • Thursday, (November 18th, 5pm) a second informal meeting for those interested in participating in the Scotland field trip (GC495), Winter 2011;
  • Monday, November 8th is an informational meeting for anyone interested in attending the Scotland trip this coming semester.
  • Check out some images from the ESRI User Group Conference hosted by our department.
  • Upcoming student poster competition see (
  • 3D Virtual Marquette presented by Paul Kueber, NMU Alumni. (Presentation flier) NSF 1205 November 11. 
  • Fall 2010 Advising Party October 26!
    Check the advising notes before coming to help us better advise you on your future.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar interest group meets on Fridays at 10AM weekly (contact Robert Legg for further information);
  • (ESRI User Group Conference) Nathan Fazer, of the Eastern UP Regional Planning & Development Commission and Robert Legg have organized a U.P. GIS Conference on October 29, 2010 (See program flier). Please RSVP Nathan Fazer if you plan to attend;
  • Students and faculty of the soils and biogeography classes return from a successful two day camping field trip to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (Oct. 1, 2010);
  • Dr. Susy Ziegler joins the Geography Department (August 23rd, 2010);
  • Ground penetrating radar was acquired for departmental research and subsurface mapping. A 200MHz antenna was purchased for geological applications. A 400MHz antenna was purchased for archaeological applications. Student, Neil Carey practices identifying a minefield of buried objects, in preparation for upcoming archaeological field work in the Silver Lake basin. Contact Robert Legg for further information (October, 2010);
  • Gamma Theta Upsilon sponsored a Trip to Grand Isle lead by archeologist and Geography Department head Dr. John Anderton. (September 25th, 2010).

Winter 2010

  • The dept. of geography, in coordination with helpful folks in academic computing services updated the college GIS license. Students have now seamless access to Bing Maps within the ArcGIS (9.3.1). We view this as a useful tool for generating quick and customized cartographic map output;
  • The NMU chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) has organized guest speaker Alexandra Cousteau to visit campus and speak about critical issues facing the world's oceans. Visit the web site of Blue Legacy for further information (here). Entitled 'reflections in the water' the event takes place March 30th, 7pm, in the great lakes rooms);
  • A geoworkshop to the Eben Ice Caves was run (March 22);
  • Student advising notes (pdf file);
  • Advising party (advertizement);
  • Dr. Legg attends an IACUC workshop in Lafayette Louisiana;
  • Available research internship entitled 'Discover Demography' available at the population research center, the University of Texas, Austin (information sheet);
  • Dr. Legg has won a grant from Google to participate in a Google Earth Pro Education Initiative;
  • Geography students help organize several events  in the regional science olympiad, saturday, Feb. 13 (picture-1, picture-2);
  • Interesting web site recommended by Dr. DeGoosh (;
  • Public film series 'A Future Without Oil', presented by Dr. Steve DeGoosh (series schedule and brochure);
  • Student Anthony Gerzetich from GC337 (computer cartography) put up new and improved trial maps out at the Blueberry Ridge cross country ski trails (Sands Township, Marquette). A service to the local skiers (map available for printing);
  • Classes resume for the Winter 2010;
  • We welcome Professor Regis back from sabbatical.


Fall 2009

  • Job advertisement (Assistant Professor);
  • Student advising party (Winter 2010);
  • Student advising notes (Winter 2010);
  • Winter 2010 course offering (GC 470);
  • GTU will hold its first meeting October 7th at 6pm in the GIS/RS Lab. Dr. Legg will be organizing the event, pizza will be served and we will elect GTU officers. Event attendance by invitation and membership only. Please see Jana with your completed GTU membership package if you are interested in attending and running for an officer position. 
  • Dr. Anderton Dr. Legg and select students team up to model prehistoric sites in the yellow dog plains watershed;
  • The GIS/RS lab goes --- full docking station ---. Twenty mobile device docking stations were installed in the lab. Students now have access to wide screen monitors, extended desktops (virtual and actual), keyboards and mice provided within the GIS/Lab. GIS software available from the HelpDesk.  Docking stations are USB and are with Macintosh and PC computers (Sept 09);
  • Christopher Hutte (Computer Information Systems  '09) joins the department as our Senior Lab Administrator (GIS/RS Lab). We are excited to have Chris join our team and look forward to exciting changes in the daily operation the NMU GIS/RS lab;
  • The department works on preparing exciting changes to our future curriculum;
  • Classes resume for the fall semester 2009.

Winter 2009

  • Environmental Summer Internship (paid): the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve is currently seeking applications for an Environmental/Outreach Intern for the summer of 2009. Start June 1 End August 31. Send resume by May 9, 2009 to the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve, P.O. Box 5 Big Bay, MI 49808, or by email Contact Emily 906-345-9223 for additional information and questions.
  • GC Course availability: (Link);
  • Dr. Legg and 4th year GIS major Tia Bowe attended the Annual Association of American Geographers, Las Vegas Nevada. Their conference presentation was recently published in ArcUser. The presentation received positive comments and we garnered interest from a variety of group: View the article online:  (Link);
  • The department head search was given permission to go to the next step, candidate selection is currently 'in progress';
  • Student advising party (Winter, 2009);
  • Student advising notes (Winter, 2009);
  • Job advertisement (Information specialist);
  • The NMU GIS Lab has undergone a major technical upgrade for 2009. All 24 lab workstations have a new image featuring ArcGIS 9.3 and ERDAS Imagine 9.3. February 2009, the lab enterprise server was replaced with a dual quad core 64-bit PowerEdge 1900, by Dell. The latest GIS and Remote Sensing software is also available to have installed on student mobile device. Please go to the NMU helpdesk for further information;
  • Professor Anderton, Professor Regis and Dr. Legg prepare questions and examinations for the upcoming Science Olympiad ( hosted by NMU (Feb. 14, 2009);
  • The 'Peak Oil' film series schedule is available 'Click here'. The film series is offered in the Peter White Library on selected Wednesdays at 7pm;
  • Classes resume for the Winter 2009 semester;
  • Dept. accepting applications for Dept. Head position. Contact the chair of the search committee, Steve DeGoosh ( for further information.

Fall 2008

  • Graduating senior dinner at the Casa Calabria, Tuesday December 2nd (6pm); Make sure to RSVP Jana Nicholls ( if you are a graduating senior that plans to attend this event;
  • Steve DeGoosh will be offering a public film series during the winter at the Peter White Library. The series theme is 'Peak Oil' and the intention is to link this topic with the parallel crises of global climate change and economic collapse. The film series intends to raise public awareness about these issues and promote a community-wide "Transition Town Planning" effort come spring. Monitor the Peter White library web site for the film series screen dates;
  • Dr. Legg is registered for the 2009 AAG ( in Las Vegas. Provisionally the paper he plans to present is entitled "Housing patterns in small town America: an exploration of spatial analysis methods (case study involving Marquette Michigan)". Two students contributing to this paper, may also attend the conference;
  • Terrance Seethoff, -dean of arts and sciences- visits the department of geography, November 17th;
  • Dr. John Anderton led a successful field trip showcasing the coastal geomorphology of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Eight students attended and they had good weather;
  • Diamonds Around the world Presentation on Exploration and Mining activities around the world. This is a free event with Door Prizes worth $2000 (see brochure). Wednesday, December 3rd at 6-9pm, Jamrich Hall (102);
  • The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Susan J. Koch visits the department November 24th (2pm);
  • The NMU Rock and Mineral Club plan to hold several geology based presentations throughout the semester. Some of these presentations will involve exciting door prizes, including diamond necklaces worth several hundred dollars a piece... open invitation contact Ms. Claire Kitzman ( for further details;
  • Department holds their 'Vision Quest' October 24th. The vision quest will involve an off-campus retreat to plan the future direction of geography and environmental science at NMU;
  • Dr. Fritz Nelson (distinguished alumni) will visit the department October 6th for a short visit on his way up to the Huron Mountain Club to continue his climate based research;
  • Biogeography overnight field-trip to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore completed successfully on September 26-27th;
  • The Department welcomes Amanda Dornbos, our newest appointed student worker for the 08-09 academic year;
  • The Fall semester begins at a rapid pace;
  • The Department welcomes Gerald Buyea our 2008-09 assistant to the GIS lab;
  • Dr. Legg welcomes Jacok C. Keck, our department Freshman Fellow. Jacob will be provide assistance on several research projects throughout the 08-09 academic year.

Summer 2008

  • Dr. Legg sends a reminder to those students interested in the presenting at the regional AAG meeting, St. Catherine's Ontario/Niagara Falls, to contact him for further information about their conference registration;
  • NMU Geography welcomes our newest faculty member, Dr. Linah Ababneh.
  • Prof. John B. Anderton appointed interim Head of the Department of Geography 2008-09;
  • Prof. Michael Broadway appointed interim Honors Program Director for 2008-09;
  • Dr. Ron Sundell Elected president of the NMU AAUP. This appointment enables funding for additional teaching faculty within the Department and the Environmental Science Program.

Winter 2008

  • Wanted, volunteers to help with the wildcat-willie weekend, 9:45-11 AM in the GIS lab (west science, 3613). Please e-mail Dr. Legg or Dr. Anderton for further details. We will provide volunteers a complimentary breakfast/brunch at the sweet-water café afterwards;
  • Graduate program opportunities (MA, MS, PhD) at the Dept. of Geosciences, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Also read up on the six week hydro field camp they  conduct every summer (.pdf color brochure);
  • 2008 International Model Your Campus competition by Google; (contest details);
  • Students- we need your ideas, from the practical to the fantastical, to help create a more sustainable NMU:
  • Internship opportunity for the summer at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, Summer 2008 (June-4th to  August-6th. (Further Details);
  • Mark Clute for students with an interest in public sector GIS. (Application form; Scholarship Award Protocol; Scholarship Booklet).

Fall 2007

  • Announcement of graduate assistantships to prospective graduate students, Dept. of Geography, University of Michigan (further details);
  • The Department of Geography hosts a gratulatory dinner for 2007 majors graduating with a major in geography, good times had by all who attended the event @ Casa Calabria;
  • Announcement of internship opportunities for students with GIS knowledge (further details);
  • Advising notes to students (further details);
  • The Geography Department announces the Fall Semester advising party Tuesday October 30, 6 pm (further details);
  • The NMU Rock and Mineral Club is sponsoring a photography contest to celebrate Earth Science Week, 2007. The photography theme for this year is: Discovering the Upper Peninsula's natural treasures: Further details can be found at the link following:;
  • Saturday, Oct. 6th, Grand Isle Geoarchaeological Field Trip, led by Professor, J. Anderton (Last weekend to visit Grand Island for the year!). Only 33 spots available. Additional details in the geography office. (Cost $10, lunch, and appropriate clothing not included);
  • Potential Departmental Trip to India announced: GC295: Special Topics in Geography India's Golden Triangle: There will be a meeting in room 3710 NSF on Wednesday, September 26 @7.00pm. (additional information here);
  • Presentation by Dr. Fritz Nelson entitled 'Frozen Ground in the Changing Northern Environment', October, 3rd, 7pm, Mead Auditorium;
  • The GIS lab committee welcomes Jesus D. Roman as the lab technician for 2007-08.

Spring/Summer 2007

  • NMU Professors Robert Legg and Neil Cumberlidge present report on Uganda venture;
  • Bruce Wilson GIS/RS presentation;
  • April 2007, professors John Anderton, Robert Legg and Robert Regis prepared a geoarchaeological poster presentation on prehistoric settlement within Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Their poster was presented at the 2007 AAG meeting San Francisco, April 17-21.
  • April 2007, GIS lab technician Emily English had her undergraduate research poster "Upper Peninsula Forest Composition Change" selected for 1st place at the 2007 NMU Celebration of Student Research and Creative Works.