Gender & Sexuality Studies

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Gender & Sexuality Studies

Gender is everywhere... The Gender & Sexuality Studies minor explores the meaning and significance of gender in human experience from an interdisciplinary perspective. It combines the perspectives of women’s studies, feminist studies, lesbian and gay studies, queer studies, and masculinity studies to give a broad perspective on domains such as gender roles, sexuality and social status. The interdisciplinary focus of this minor provides students with an appreciation of the diversity of approaches to studying gender and sexuality and the opportunity to integrate these approaches for a deeper understanding of how gender and sexuality operate in society.

Upcoming Events

We are always working to sponsor and organize dynamic events on campus that explore the impact and influence of gender and sexuality. From working with other on-campus organizations and departments, to events designed by our own faculty, we are constantly working to make gender a topic of discussion on NMU's campus. Find an updated list of upcoming events here.

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Courses in the Gender & Sexuality Studies minor are about helping you to get the most out of your education at NMU. They will complement your major, help to deepen and contextualize your academic experience, and enhance your critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making abilities. They will challenge the way you see yourself and see the world. Come engage with Faculty who are focused on empowering students and invested in student success.

Gender & Sexuality