Interview With Bailey Pohl

Bailey PohlBailey works with the geography department's new GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). Since the equipment is new, she helps her mentor figure out exactly how the machine works. She assists him with reading manuals and instructional downloads to gain a better understanding of the machine and its long processes. On October 29, 2010, Bailey assisted her mentor at the Esri User Group Conference, where she registered participants and distributed nametags. Her mentor is also preparing a student trip to Scotland, so Bailey is busy with preparing flyers to advertise the trip to NMU students.

Bailey enjoys her experience as a Freshman Fellow and finds it both educational and interesting. She finds her opportunity to meet various people and professors on campus very rewarding. One aspect of the research that Bailey would change is the manuals for the GPR machine. She said they are very difficult to decipher--more simplistic manuals would make the research a lot less complicated. However, regardless of that minute detail, the experience remains both insightful and worthwhile.

After her college career, Bailey would like to work with the United Nations helping people, along with helping the environment.