Student Spotlight


Patricia RempalaThis past academic year, Patricia Rempala worked with Cathy Bammert in the Clinical Laboratory Science Department for her Freshman Fellows project. They collaborated with Dr. John Lawrence and the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center to develop a laboratory test that could be done in under 25 minutes to detect certain mutations in a patient with glioblastoma (brain tumor). By performing this test, a surgeon could determine a more personalized approach to treating this patient's tumor. Patricia and her "team" started to develop a test and make progress, however, a group of PhD's published a similar test before Patricia's team could publish their own, so their research came to a halt. Although Patricia's research did not get published, being able to participate in the research made her realize how exciting the research really is and that she would like to continue studying clinical laboratory science. It confirmed that this truly is the type of work she wants to do in the future.

Patricia chose NMU because she has always loved Marquette. Her aunt and uncle live in Ishpeming so she traveled to the area quite often when she was younger. Ever since she was three years old, she has always said she wanted to attend NMU. She loves the people here and the community atmosphere.

Patricia is looking forward to making new friends here at NMU and continuing in the CLS program. She is excited to try new things, especially new outdoor sports, however she is super excited to begin internships for her program to gain some real world experience in the laboratory!


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