Student Spotlight


I’m from Flushing, MI; a small town just north of Flint, MI.

I chose to attend NMU for a handful of reasons. I came up to Marquette for a campus tour and fell in love with the campus and Marquette. I love the environment surrounding the campus and being able to be so close to nature, but still have a plethora of technology at my fingertips.

Another reason I chose NMU is because it really seemed like a perfect school for the field of study I’m going into. Where’s a better place to study environmental science than somewhere so close to the natural environment?


My faculty mentor is Norma Froelich, a professor in the Earth, Environmental, and Geographical Sciences (EEGS) department. Norma and I have been working on collecting, analyzing, and comparing stream flow data of the Silver River near L’anse Michigan to precipitation data of Baraga County, specifically around L’anse. To conduct this research, I’ve had to dedicate hours researching with topographical maps, stream flow data sheets gathered through the United States Geological Survey (USGS), and precipitation data sheets gathered through the Midwestern Regional Climate Center (MRCC). With the data I’ve gathered, I’ve been able to put together graphic representations of stream flow and precipitation to compare the two and see how they affect and are effected by one another.


This work wasn’t particularly chosen as work to do for the professor or for the department, but more for the insight it can give me towards future work I will be doing in a career in the environmental science field. A good amount of the work conducted by someone working as a field technician or in another area consists of collecting, analyzing, and comparing data sets. Some of the work also entails writing formal reports and documents of studies, samplings, and experiments. The work that Norma and I are doing is a simple, yet solid taste of the work that I very well could be doing in the future.


Looking towards my future undergraduate studies, I would love to be able to continue to do work within the EEGS department. Being able to work with other professors and possibly on other ongoing research projects that are run through the university would be a great opportunity. There have been many students that have come through this department and have had their scholarly work published, and for me to have that chance would be an amazing thing."


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