2013 Celebration of Student Works

2013 Celebration of Student Works

The 2013 Celebration of Student Research, Creative Works, and Academic Service Learning was a huge success for this year's Freshman Fellows. Researchers Shaley Valentine and Melissa Orzechowski each took first in undergraduate research posters for individual and group projects, respectively. Shaley Valentine worked with Dr. Suzanne Williams in the Chemistry Department on a project entitled "Secrets Revealed: The Real Ingredients of Fish Food". Melissa Orzechowski worked with Dr. Alan Rebertus and fellow undergraduate, Alex Graeff on a project entitled "Characteristics of Trees Infected with Ononuts Obliquus".

Shaley Valentine

Melissa Orzechowski

Daniel Wilbern opted to share his research "Time-of-Flight and Position Dispersion in Different Configurations of Plastic Scintillator Detectors" with an oral presentation. His talk was very well delivered and received! Daniel's faculty mentor is Dr. Will Tireman from the Physics Department.

Daniel Wilbern

Erica Bingham's work with Dr. Lawrence in the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Research Center culminated in a research poster entitled "Glioblastoma Multiforme Cell Line and Cancer Stem Cell Growth in Soft Agar Assays".

Erica Bingham

Amy Peterson also chose to present her work with Dr. Cumberlidge orally. Amy's presentation was entitled "Redesign of the NMU Freshwater Crab Website to Include Maps of Species Distribution, Species Richness, and the Location of Threatened Species of Center and South American Freshwater Crabs (Family Pseudothelphusidae).

Amy Peterson and Dr. Cumberlidge

Jessica Anderson shared her work with Dr. Suzanne Williams in a poster entitled "Identifying Ingredients of Food with DNA".

Freshman Fellows Olivia Crawford and Danielle Schafer presented their project, "The Relationship Between Visual and Performing Arts and ACT Scores", on which they worked with Faculty Mentor Dr. Judy Puncochar from the School of Education, Leadership and Public Service. Olivia and Danielle were unable to attend the Celebration due to the fact that they were presenting their work at the National Council for Undergraduate Research conference in LaCrosse, WI. Pictured below (from left to right) are

Olivia, Danielle, and Judy

Samantha Jones, working with Julie Higbie from the Nursing Department, presented a poster on her project: "The Process of Program Review: Utilizing HESI Results To Improve Program Outcomes".

Samantha Jones

Madeline Neubauer presented her poster, "Effects of Organic Compounds and pH Changes on the Denaturation of Cytochrome C  Protein".

Madeline Neubauer

Emily Nordlund presented her research on eating disorders in a poster. Emily worked with John MacDevitt from the NMU Counseling Center.

Nordlund Poster

Kaylee Rowe's work with Catherine Bammert in the Clinical Lab Sciences department resulted in a poster: "Identifying the Genetic Signature of a Disease".

Kaylee Rowe

Congratulations and well done to all of this year's freshman fellows who participated in this year's celebration! Many thanks to our faculty mentors who made all this work possible!