Current Scholarships

Sandra L and M Cameron Howes Schol

This fund was ititially established in 2006 through gifts from friends and colleagues of M. Cameron Howes. In 2014, it was endowed with a generous gift from Dr. M. Cameron and Sandra L. Howes. The fund will support a scholarship for students enrolled in any major within the College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies.

2016 2017 - The amount and number of award will vary based on the NMU Foundation Spending Policy. Funds will be leveraged and combined with other funds to support the maximum number of students possible.
Class status:
GPA minimum:
Financial need:
Prefer U.P.
Preference to Upper Peninsula high school graduate
Enrolled in a College of Health Science and Professional Studies program (or equivalent).

If you are interested in learning more about how to apply for Donor-funded scholarships go to the NMU Financial Aid website.