The Campaign Case

At NMU, we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to concentrate fully on their studies and to graduate in a timely manner, with minimal debt, in the best possible position to find a job and to prosper.

One key to reaching these goals is to increase private financial support.

Today, students and their families face economic challenges not seen in decades. Eighty percent of our students rely on some sort of financial aid. Over forty percent hold down a job while taking classes. Many are the first in their families to attend college. Sixty-five percent of our 2010 graduates left NMU burdened by an average debt of over $18,000.

But it is not enough to simply put more money in pockets.

We have a responsibility to our students and their families to continually raise the level and value of an NMU education.

To do this, we must continue to build a dynamic, competitive portfolio of financial resources that will attract outstanding faculty and high-achieving students by rewarding excellence, innovation and service. These “best and brightest” will energize the campus community, drive the university to higher and higher levels of distinction and increase the value of a Northern education for all our graduates.

The Campaign for the Students of Northern Michigan University goes straight to the heart of addressing excellence and opportunity at NMU by expanding assistance, supporting scholarships, funding the development of innovative academic programming and by enhancing our ability to attract gifted students and the finest faculty.

We know when our students graduate they’ll go on to do great things. Their resilience, determination, independence and commitment to the health and welfare of their neighbors exemplify the character of the Upper Peninsula and the values of Northern Michigan University. Toughened by northern winters, tempered by public service and armed with the critical thinking skills that a four-year college education provides, our students don’t succeed through privilege or luck - they grab opportunity and make success happen.

All we have to do is give them a chance.