The Campaign Honor Roll

Honor Roll

In special recognition of gifts, pledges and testamentary commitments totaling $10,000 or more
received from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2014.

The honor roll will be updated periodically until the conclusion of the campaign on June 30, 2014.

Thank you for your investment in the futures of our students and for
advancing excellence and opportunity at Northern Michigan University.

Campaign Gift Levels

$1 Million and Above
$500,000 to $999,999
$100,000 to $499,999
$50,000 to $99,999
$10,000 to $49,999

$1 Million and Above

Mr. John W. Berry '71, Ms. Shirley Berry
Mr. Joe Gibbs, Ms. Patsie Gibbs
Mr. Gary R. Hughes '76
Mr. William G. Jackson, Ms. Gloria J. Jackson '68*
Dr. Eric T. Lincke, Sr. '98, Ms. Constance S. Lincke '98*
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$500,000 to $999,999

Mr. Waino E. Wahtera '40*
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$100,000 to $499,999

Annexstad Family Foundation^
Anonymous (2)
Dr. John H. Beaumier '53, Mrs. Mary Jane Beaumier
Mr. Kenneth J. Bureau '65, Mrs. Virginia A. Bureau
Mr. Brad M. Canale
Dr. John W. English, Ms. Militza M. English '83
Ms. Marjorie E. Falcone '63
Mr. John B. Frick '82 '87
Florence '43 & Robert Hannewald
Mr. Scott L. Holman '65, Mrs. Martine Holman '72
Dr. John Imarisio*, Ms. Aili Imarisio '41*
Dr. John X. Jamrich, Mrs. June A. Jamrich
Dr. John O. Kiltinen '63, Ms. Pauline F. Kiltinen
Mr. Reuben W. Krummrei*, Ms. Donna B. Krummrei*
Mr. Don B. LeHeup, Ms. Elizabeth LeHeup '60
Mr. Richard E. Lundin '73, Ms. Anna M. Lundin '73
Dr. Russell M. Magnaghi, Dr. Diane D. Kordich
Marquette General Hospital
Ms. Lisa M. Mueller '80, Ms. Laurie B. Hamre
Dr. Frederick E. Nelson '73
Dr. Sigurd O. Nelson, Jr. '64, Mrs. Sheila Nelson '61
Dr. James A. Panowski
Mr. Steven C. Pelto, Ms. Wendy Pelto
Mr. Joseph J. Prinzi '70 '79, Ms. Nancy R. Prinzi '70 '74
Ms. Lizbeth E. Reidy*
Mr. William J. Sormun '48*, Ms. Mabel S. Sormun '42*
Steelcase, Inc.
Dr. Frederick H. Stenkamp
Mr. Ernest F. Telford '69, Ms. Patricia Telford
The Cliffs Foundation
Mr. William R. Woodard '70
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$50,000 to $99,999

Mr. James J. Allen '68, Ms. Mary Kay Allen
Mr. Kevin C. Boyle '81, Ms. Judy Boyle
Ms. Barbara Bruning
Dr. William R. Buccalo, Ms. Vivian J. Buccalo '85 '90
Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc.
Mr. David S. Haynes '72, Ms. Martha B. Haynes
Mr. John W. Hebert '68, Ms. Margo E. Hebert
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Impact Applications Inc
Ms. Jill K. Irey '69
Mr. Ervin A. Kranberg '71
Ms. Nancy H. Kranberg
Mr. John F. List '84
Ms. Natalie C. Maki*
Mr. Stephen R. Mariucci '77 '83, Ms. Gayle E. Mariucci
Marquette General Foundation
Mr. Bruce E. Miller*, Ms. Mary W. Miller '41
Mr. Sanfred E. Olson '53 '67*, Ms. H. Virginia Olson
Mr. Alan Paulus, Ms. Julia A. Paulus '78
Mr. Richard M. Popp '88 '90, Ms. Sue A. Popp '90
Mr. Pertti O. Reijula '76, Ms. Susan M. Reijula '76
Ms. Carolyn S. Talmage '69*
Upper Peninsula Power Company
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$10,000 - to $49,999

Aba Teachers College
Mr. Alan T. Ackerman
Alger-Delta Cooperative Electric Association
AmWINS Group, Inc.
Ann S. Fish Trust
Anonymous (4)
Aon Foundation
Argonics Incorporated
Mr. Michael W. Asumaa '63, Ms. Beverly Asumaa
Ms. Gwendolyn M. Bagley '44*
Mr. Brendon S. Bailey, Jr. '00, Dr. Judith I. Bailey
Dr. Janet M. Balbierz '80
Mr. Thomas L. Baldini '65
Belay Benefits, Inc.
Bell Hospital
Ms. Elizabeth H. Binda '37*
Ms. Rosa Bourgault
Dr. William W. Bowerman, IV, Ms. Susan K. Marshall
Mr. Neil G. Bristol '83, Ms. Kim M. Bristol
Mr. John P. Case '74 '79, Ms. Patricia S. Case
Charitable Gift Fund
Cleveland Cliffs Iron
Community Foundation for Delta County
Mr. Robert Cosan, Ms. Kip Cosan
Dr. Kenneth Davenport, Ms. Maura Davenport
Mr. James H. Davis '72, Ms. Judy Davis
Dow Corning Corporation
Downtown Eyecare
Mr. John L. Drake, Ms. Cathi Drake
Dr. Paul B. Duby
Mr. William W. Edwards '67, Ms. Janie Edwards
Elizabeth A. Murr Trust
Dr. Lon L. Emerick, Ms. Lynn M. Emerick
Ernie Harwell Foundation
Ernst & Young Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Mr. John R. Farquhar
Dr. Tawni H. Ferrarini
Fidelity Investments Inc
Dr. Thomas R. Fish '69, Ms. Janet Fish
Mr. Darwin P. Gager '81, Ms. Irene M. Gager '79
Mr. T. Dennis George '60, Ms. Carole P. George '62
Nellie A. Gaball '67 '68
Mr. Arthur J. Gischia '73, Ms. Kathryn Gischia
Dr. Robert B. Glenn, Ms. Rosemary K. Glenn
Mr. Robert W. Goodrich
Mr. Robert C. Gorsuch '67, Ms. Carol Gorsuch
Dr. Loren R. Graham, Dr. Patricia Graham
Grand Hotel
Ms. Maureen J. Gray '80
Mr. Stephen Gulis Jr. '79, Ms. Janet E. Bloeser-Gulis '80
Mr. Michael S. Hadden
Mr. John Hagberg, Jr.
Mr. Albert Hakala '49
Mr. Timothy G. Herbert '83, Ms. Evelyn R. Herbert
Mr. Troy S. Huggett '92
Dr. James M. Hundrieser '87
Mr. Larry C. Inman '76
Mr. Robert J. Jacquart Jr.
James A. Ruppe Foundation
Mr. William R. Kauppila '67, Ms. Carol Kauppila
Mr. Ken Kilinski
Mr. Donald A. Kuebler '60
Mr. Gregory G. LaCasse '80, Ms. Barbara L. LaCasse '76
Dr. Paul L. Lang, Jr., Ms. Mona S. Lang
Mr. Stephen P. Latus '78, Ms. Ruth A. Stevens
Mr. Gavin Leach '85 '99, Ms. Robin R. Leach '92
Dr. Thomas D. LeGalley, Mrs. Susan M. LeGalley
Lenovo USA
Vicky Cobb, Leigh Garnet Lewis, Ph.D. '86
Mr. Ronald R. Liberty, Ms. Kathryn A. Liberty
Mrs. Mary Lu Lockhart
Dr. James S. Lombard '58
Dr. Mark R. Lovell '77, Ms. Eileen Lovell
Mr. Peter Lyders-Petersen
Dr. L. Sandy MacLean '56, Ms. Judith MacLean
Mrs. Grace Magnaghi*
Makela, Toutant, Hill & Nardi, PC
Marquette Board of Light and Power
Mr. David S. McCartney, Ms. Jeanne F. Sironen-McCartney '74
Dr. William H. Medlyn '49*, Ms. Ida G. Medlyn '49
Mr. Jeffrey Messerich, Ms. Kathryn D. Messerich '79
Mr. Don W. Miller, Ms. Joan R. Miller '71
Ms. Elizabeth A. Murr '43*
Mr. John Neiswander, Mrs. Ann H. Neiswander '64
Mr. Edward A. Nelson Jr.
Dr. David R. Nerenz '74, Dr. Anne G. Nerenz '74
Mr. Charles R. Nickel '92 '96, Ms. Susan L. Nickel '95
Dr. Robert C. Olson*, Ms. Patricia R. Olson*
Dr. Larry G. Pagel
Dr. Clayton Peimer, Ms. Susan Y. Peimer
Mr. Eric Peterson, Ms. Patricia A. Peterson '69
Pioneer Surgical Technology
Mr. Stephen R. Polk, Ms. Roberta N. Polk '80
Mr. Mark B. Pynnonen '83, Ms. Lenette A. Pynnonen '85
Mr. Albert L. Quaal '59, Ms. Diane Quaal
Range Bank
Mr. W. Duncan Reese '66 '69*, Dr. Karen M. Reese '63 '66 '76
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Ron Burton Training Village, Inc.
Dr. June M. Schaefer '67 '68
Mr. David B. Scheidemantel, Ms. Marilyn K. Scheidemantel '68 '77
Mr. Kenneth K. Schon '82, Ms. Laurie S. Schon '75 '88
Ms. Ellen G. Schreuder
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Mr. Grant W. Seaman '96*, Ms. Heidi M. Seaman '94
Semco Energy
Mr. James P. Shaughnessy '75, Ms. Margie A. Shaughnessy '74
Mr. Allen L. Solka, Ms. Kathryn A. Solka
Dr. Matthew N. Songer, Ms. Laura J. Songer
Mr. James B. Sorber '86, Ms. Francine M. Sorber '86
Mr. Jon C. Sorber '88, Ms. Gabrielle L. Sorber '87*
Mr. John St. Aubin*, Dr. Helen L. St. Aubin '64
Mr. William Stafford, Dr. Clarice M. Stafford '49
Ms. Majorie L. Staples '35
Mr. Dennis E. Stromberg '75, Ms. Cheryl A. Stromberg '76
Superior Health Foundation
TCF Foundation
TCF National Bank
The Eagle Radio Group
Mr. John M. Thurston
Mr. Ronald H. Trethewey '60 '63 '68,  Ms. Carol A. Trethewey
Two Men and a Truck International, Inc.
Tyler Rigg Memorial Foundation
Mr. Thomas D. Ungrodt '76, Mrs. Diane L. Ungrodt '76
Plvoshka Philanthropic Fund
Mr. John J. Vacilek*, Ms. Patricia Vacilek
Dr. William E. Vandament*, Mrs. Margery R. Vandament
Mr. Edward H. Wahtera, Ms. Patricia Wahtera
Mr. Kim A. Wahtera, Ms. Sandra L. Wahtera
Wells Fargo Bank Ohio Foundation (MN)
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
Mr. James C. Welte '59, Ms. Carole L. Welte '59
Ms. Hinda C. Westphal '42
Dr. Eugene A. Whitehouse
Wilkinson Foundation
Dr. Todd Wilkinson, Dr. H. Sook Wilkinson
Mr. James M. Wilson '75 '76, Ms. Suzanne Wilson
Mr. James P. Witmer '69, Ms. Karen S. Witmer
Dr. Leslie E. Wong, Ms. Phyllis M. Wong
Dr. Carl A. Wozniak, Ms. Debra Morley
Mr. Frank R. Young '58, Ms. Roberta J. Young '58
Mr. Gilbert L. Ziegler '60

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* Denotes deceased.
Note: Gifts to Public Broadcasting are not reflected in totals.