Current Scholarships

Scholarship Now College of Arts and Sciences

ScholarshipNow awards in the amount of $1,000 (minimum) and will be awarded according to a set of criteria established by the NMU Foundation. The ScholarshipNow provides an opportunity for donors to have an immediate impact on a student's education by providing a $1,000 (minimum) annual scholarship.

2017 2018 - $1000
Class status:
prefer Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
GPA minimum:
Require 2.0
Financial need:
Preferred but not required
Any major within College of Arts and Sciences
Additional Preferences:
Please submit a brief statement of why you hope to receive this award and how it will enhance your academic career. (Include any challenges you've overcome or additional information that may be helpful. Please limit the statement to one page in length, a paragraph is fine.) GPA: Must be in good academic standing.

Information on applying for Donor-funded Scholarships can be found on the NMU Financial Aid Website under "Sources of Aid."