Current Scholarships

James Allen Annual Scholarship

This award was established in 2012 by James J. Allen to provide financial support for graduates of LaSalle High School in St. Ignace, MI, who enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program.

2016 2017 - At the time of execution, one award in the amount of $7,000 ($3,500 per semester) will be available each year. It is in the donors' intent that one new recipient will be selected each year. This allows for a maximum of four students per year on scholarship. When annual gifts and/or matches conclude, the award will come from endowment earnings, the amount and number of awards will vary based on the NMU Foundation Spending Policy keeping in mind the donor's intent to provide significant awards.
Yes. The scholarship will be automatically renewed (max of 4 years) if student maintains eligibility as specified in the criteria. Students do NOT need to reapply A review will be conducted after each semester to ensure student maintains eligibility as specified in the criteria each semester. To clarify, if a student's GPA falls below 3.0 at the end of the fall semester, no award will be given for the winter semester.
Class status:
prefer Freshman
Incoming Freshman
GPA minimum:
Require 3.0
3.0 minimum recalculated GPA
Financial need:
Require 49781
Graduates of LaSalle High School in St. Ignace, MI.
Any baccalaureate degree major
Additional Requirements
ACT Score: 21 minimum A letter of recommendation must be submitted from the principal or guidence counselor of LaSalle High School. Member of the National Honor Society Qualified students should apply the last semester of high school.

Information on applying for Donor-funded Scholarships can be found on the NMU Financial Aid Website under "Sources of Aid."