Current Scholarships

Foundation Annual General Scholarship

This fund was established by the NMU Foundation Board of Trustees as a general scholarship fund to provide financial support to students whose background does not fit other privately-funded scholarships or who otherwise do not qualify for financial assistance. Highest priority and consideration will be given to students who would otherwise be unable to continue at NMU education due to significant educational debt or for students identified through a strategic retention effort.

2016 2017 - The number and award amounts will vary based on the fund balance at the time of award calculation.
Yes. The scholarship may be renewed if student maintains eligibility as specified in the criteria. Students must reapply.
Class status:
Junior or Senior with intention to complete degree at NMU
GPA minimum:
Require 2.0
Financial need:
Preferred but not required
As illustrated by their FAFSA, student must demonstrate financial need, but be ineligible for grant assistance (Pell, federal) and must utilize student loans to fund education.
Enrolled in any approved degree-seeking program
Additional Requirements
Student must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements
Additional Preferences:
GPA: Must be in good academic standing.

Information on applying for Donor-funded Scholarships can be found on the NMU Financial Aid Website under "Sources of Aid."