Annual Giving

Investing in Northern Michigan University

Individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations give to the university in a number of different ways. All of these methods help to provide program support to the university and work toward accomplishing the mission of making Northern Michigan University the school of choice for high-quality comprehensive public education with outstanding personal attention in a high-tech learning environment.

Annual Giving


Cash Gifts: Cash contributions are the most common method of payment for the variety of programs that the university supports. Annual giving dollars contribute to special programs that are not funded through other sources of revenue. Two examples of programs supported this year through NMU Foundation monies are the Student Leader Fellowship Program, and the Washington Center Program. Annual giving also helps provide scholarships and supports the academic departments, faculty development, institutional development; and other programs as designed by the NMU Foundation Executive Committee. Giving clubs are some of the many ways to contribute.

Gifts of Securities: Because of the many benefits afforded charitable gifts under the federal tax laws, you may wish to consider giving stock or other securities to honor a pledge or make an annual contribution to NMU. In many instances, these charitable gifts can help you achieve other estate planning goals as well.  Frequently asked questions about annual giving.