James A. Panowski Black Box Theatre

James A Panowski Black Box Theatre

Located in the McClintock building, the James A. Panowski Black Box Theatre is a wonderfully versatile space utilized by the theatre department.  Seating approximately one hundred people, the Black Box provides a more intimate playing space for the actors and the audience alike, providing a different experience than that which one gets watching a show on the Forest Roberts Theatre Mainstage.  Originally used primarily for lab and studio shows, the Black Box is becoming increasingly popular as a venue for the Mainstage productions as well—this season half of the FRT’s Mainstage Series is being produced in the Black Box, including California Suite and Into the Woods.  The Black Box is a unique, interesting space in which to watch and produce theatre.


Why We Love The Black Box

"As an actor, working in a smaller theatre helps me not only learn how to perform with an audience on multiple sides, but also how to stay in character when I am only a few feet away...smaller venues are becoming the trend in this industry, so we are able to take the opportunity to work in a smaller theatre and experience what we will likely be working with once we move on from Northern Michigan University" - Katherine Marsh (Senior, Theatre Major)

"I love the energy and the rush I get when performing in the Black box space. It has helped me focus more as an actor because you have to be on top of your game" - Jacob DeLong (Senior, Theatre Major)