Santaland Diaries: Meet Senior Jacob Barbot

Jacob Barbot (David) is a senior theater major at Northern Michigan University. Some of his past roles include Carlson (Of Mice and Men), Michael Darling (Peter Pan), Samuel Pepys (Compleat Female Stage Beauty), Leon (The Love List), and Col. Thomas McKean (1776). This past summer, Jacob worked at Tecumseh! Outdoor Theatre in Chillicothe, Ohio.

After graduation, Jacob intends on moving wherever they will pay him to do his thing (acting), but ideally, would like to work in Minneapolis, MN to begin his career. Jacob has an interest in stand-up, improvisational comedy, acting, and table tennis and would accept work in any of those areas.

Jacob would like to share his thanks with his parents Mary and Kyle and his brother Grayson for their continuous support, his grandparents for coming from North Dakota to see this show, and to all of the people who helped behind the scenes to bring this play to NMU. He would like to give a special thanks to his director, mentor, professor, and friend, Ansley Valentine.