NMU Forest Roberts Theatre - Other Information

Reminder List

  • Make sure there is a custodian on duty for performances. Give a schedule to the custodian around the building or to the main office at least a week prior to performance.
  • You may have to remind grounds during the winter that you have a matinee or evening performance so the sidewalks in front of the theater are shoveled and salted/ sanded.
  • Parking:
    • Remind the actors and crew that there is no parking on the loading dock.
    • On performance days/evenings, actors should find alternative parking to the lot in front of the theater to open it up for patrons. This will ensure that there will be no delays in the start of the show due to lack of parking.

Communication Triangle and Discipline

  • There is a chain of authority at NMU. The production stage managers organize, run the show, and aid in discipline.
    •  The director/producer has "authority" over performers and the technical director has "authority" over crew members. These individuals do not have any real authority, but they should not let the actors and crew know.