James Rapport Theatre Library

Explore - Discover - Grow 

Composed of the personal collections of two of our former Directors of Theatre, Dr. Rapport and Dr. Panowski, the Rapport Theatre Library is an excellent resource for majors and minors in the program. The library features an inventory of nearly 5,000 materials including scripts, sheet music, CDs, biographies, and design guides, and is maintained by the FRT Box Office staff.

Located across from the Forest Roberts Theatre Box Office in the lobby, the Rapport Library is open 11:30-1:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays and 9-11:30 on Fridays during the academic year. Renting from the library is free and all check-outs can be made through its librarian, Regan McKay, or the Box Office staff. For more info on check-outs, check out the James Rapport Theatre Library on Libib.com!