1988 - 1989

Franz and Dora 1988

Roberta Suprenant, Al Harjala, Bobby Glenn Brown
(in front) Christopher Jannot 

Scrooge 1988

(in center) Paul Truckey playing Tom Jenkins and Ron Sylvester as Scrooge 

Man of LaMancha 1989

(left to right) Tom Mull and Rusty Bowers 

(front to back) Denise Clark (Chapman) and Mark "Bear" Krist 

(left to right) Toni Brotons, Bobby Glenn Brown and Christine Wahgberg 

(left to right) Christy Laitinen (Dudo), Maurine Michaud, ?, Roberta Suprenant, Ray Manilla,
Mike Salmi, Tom Mull, Rusty Bowers, Mike Hegmegee and Robert Mattson