binoculars on booksFYE Instructor Toolbox

NMU’s First Year Experience program does not currently employ a standardized textbook.  This means that there is no supplied or required textbook for UN 100, UN 100A, UN 100B, or UN 110 courses.

The FYE Instructor Toolbox will assist instructors in the creation of their UN 100 course.  Content is arranged in two categories: The "Basics" and General Resources.


The "Basics"

Includes a syllabus template, suggested semester timeline, instructor checklist, UN 100 common objectives, and other resources to help instructors better understand and address the needs of first semester students.

Understanding the Purpose of FYE and UN 100

Course Planning

Gaining Perspective on the UN 100 Student (Traditional, Veterans, International, Etc.)

Your Teaching Assistant

Best Practice Recommendations for UN 100 Instructors

         UN 100 Instructor Virtual In-Service (Mediasite Presentation)


Resources to Meet FYE Objectives

These resources are organized in relation to the UN 100 course objectives, and how they relate to the core content areas on which UN 100 courses are evaluated.  These resources suggest direction for instructors and clarify the types of content that should be addressed in UN 100 courses.  Students evaluate the UN 100 course in relation to the categories listed below.  Click the link to view resources related to that content area.  

Academic Planning and Career Exploration

Academic Skill Development

Campus and Community Resources

Developing Connections with Classmates

Diversity Awareness and Appreciation

Financial Literacy Education

Social and Academic Expectations


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