Parent Guide to FYE

The First Year Experience program at NMU is a great opportunity for your child to make a successful start to a college career.  The First Year Experience is required for all first-time, full-time freshmen.

Benefits of the First Year Experience?

  • EARLY REGISTRATION for courses (months prior to attending orientation);
  • CONFIRMED course schedule;
  • CHOICE of courses related to academic interests;
  • SHARED experience with other incoming students;
  • Alleviates ANXIETY associated with the process of attending their first semester;
  • Early exposure to ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS and FACULTY;
  • High impact, nationally recognized post-secondary educational practice that aids RETENTION.

FYE Presentation for Parents

Presentation Overview Image

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FYE Video

In this video the Coordinator of First Year Programs provides a parent-focused overview of NMU's First Year Experience (FYE) Program.  Topics covered include:  Why is FYE so popular?  What does "block" scheduling mean for your student?  How does FYE impact student persistence?  Click the image below to view the video.