FYE Overview

Mission Statement

The mission of First Year Experience is to enhance student satisfaction, persistence, and success.  Through various programs, we are committed to working collaboratively through the university community to provide students with opportunities to succeed academically, to adjust to college life, and to become familiar with University and community resources.


What is FYE?

FYE is a learning community initiative that helps students develop strategies to maximize academic success, become familiar with campus resources, and cultivate positive relationships with faculty and other students. FYE is designed to help all first-time full-time students successfully manage the transition to college.  To facilitate this, students are registered in “blocks” of courses related to their academic major.  Each block contains a UN 100 Freshman Seminar course.  In most cases, students share the same course schedule with about 20 other students in their UN 100 course; they have an immediate cohort of peers for study groups and getting connected to campus.

The block schedules are for the first semester only.  Subsequent semester schedules are determined by the student in collaboration with their academic adviser.

Still have questions? Visit the FYE FAQ.


What is a "block"?  

FYE blocks are pre-built course schedules.  Each FYE block is a combination of courses related to a student's academic major and liberal studies courses.  Students are assigned to a block based on their intended academic major.  FYE blocks schedules are developed and reviewed in consultation with academic departments and professional advising staff.

FYE staff assign students to blocks after their orientation registration is confirmed (before the students arrive on campus for orientation).  Course registration is finalized during orientation, and students will be able to view their assigned block schedule at that time. Blocks will be full-time, complete schedules. 

The UN 100 Course

All FYE blocks contain a UN 100 course (Art & Design blocks contain an AD 100 course).  This course has come to be referred to as the “core” of the block.

  • Weekly, 2 credit, non-academic course;
  • DOES COUNT towards graduation and your GPA;
  • Co-taught by a Teaching Assistant (peer co-instructor);
  • Features guest presenters, Academic Service Learning (ASL) group activities, academic planning assistance, and guided discussions on a wide range of relevant topics.

UN 100 content facilitates a successful transition to NMU.

Academic Skills (Inside the Classroom)

  • Study Skills (notes, tests, study groups)
  • Learning Strategies to Maximize Academic Success
  • "Soft Skills" (email and interpersonal communication etiquette, expressing opinions appropriately, managing a wide variety of responsibilities)

Social/Personal Development and Engagement (Outside the Classroom)

  • Self Knowledge and Recognition
  • Diversity Awareness and Appreciation 
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Campus and Community Involvement
  • Developing Connections with Classmates

Career (Preparing for Life After Graduation)

  • Academic Planning 
  • Career Exploration
  • Advising Process Knowledge