FYP Teaching Assistant Handbook


This online handbook is for FYE Teaching Assistants.  Its purpose is to provide FYE TAs with easy access to resources and information related to the TA position.


Teaching Assistant Role and Expectations

Contacting your Instructor

Submitting your Bio


Scheduling UN 100 Presenters

  • This link will download the presenter list with instructions on what to do.   

UN 100 Class Syllabus

  • Once your class syllabus is complete, email it as an attachment to cocole@nmu.edu 

Meeting with your Students one on one

A general guide to meeting with your students outside of class.

Picture Contest

  • We encourage you to take pictures of your UN 100 class/activities to eventually gather a slideshow that you can give to your students at the end of the semester.
  • For the contest portion, during week 12 you will select your best/favorite photo from your UN 100 experience and email it to us. (email the picture as an attachment to cocole@nmu.edu)
  • Once the photos are compiled, FYP will select the top 10 photos which will then be voted on by all of the TAs at the retreat in December.
  • The top 3 photos as voted by the TAs will receive a prize.
  • All photos that are submitted may be used for future FYE promotions.

UN 100 Resources

Need Copies for your UN 100 Class?

  • ​Stop by the FYE Office anytime and you can use our copy machine for UN 100 materials

Your NMU Experience - UN 100 Textbook

  • The new textbook for UN 100 is available through the above link.  It is a password protected PDF file.  Please copy and paste or type in the password that was emailed to you.

Weekly Timetable for time management

  • A blank weekly time grid for helping with time management

Lesson Plan Guide

  • A "how to" guide for creating effective lesson plans.

Academic Advising 101 for Teaching Assistants

General information and resources for assisting students with course scheduling and advising.

Student Health 101

​​Lake Superior Safety

A wealth of information (including videos) about Great Lakes Safety.  Especially important for first-semester students.

Campus Photo Scavenger Hunt

  • A scavenger hunt for UN 100 students 

General TA Resources

Student Teaching Assistant Organization (STAO)

  • Click this link to learn more about STAO​

UN 391 Resources

UN 391 Timeline​

UN391 Course Syllabus

Personality Profile 

  • Basic Information about Personality Profiles  (read this two page document first before you take the quiz)
  • Personality Profile Quiz (Read the instructions before you answer the questions. Once you score it, the browser will give you the results.  Click on the link "Self Awareness and Growth" to view your profile in detail.  Please read this thouroghly, we will be talking about it more in class.)
  • Profile Journal  (short 2 question journal about your profile.  Please follow the directions in the document.)
  • Profile Handout 

Active Shooter

    A PowerPoint presentation and VIDEO that helps students and instructors examine the survival mindset in campus shooter situations.

    At any time before class on 9/26, watch the video (20min) and write a 150 word reflection.  Email the reflection to cocole@nmu.edu

  • Directions:
    1. Log in to your mynmu account. 
    2. Once there, go to your Student Services tab. 
    3. In the "Public Safety Services" box, click the "Enter the Public Safety Training System" link.
    4. A new window should open.  Click the "Active Shooter" button.  
    5. Scroll through the PowerPoint, and BE SURE to watch the video at the end. 

Archetype Homework Assignment

  • Open the presentation and follow the directions on the last slide.  Due October 11th at 5pm

Something to Ponder

Take the time to care about your freshman. You are playing a crucial role in their first impression of Northern, so you have the power to show that you welcome them along with the NMU community.  One of the best ways to show you care is to be genuinely interested in your students’ lives.  Do your kids a favor and ask them about their day, hobbies, or family. However, asking is only half of it. Remember what each person says, you can even keep a cheat sheet to help you, then check in on them the next class period. Make each student feel like they are important to you, and their lives are unique and should be celebrated. If this isn’t in your comfort zone, take a simple step and greet each student as they walk into the classroom. Let them know that you saw them and you are happy that they’re there. 

Ellyn Carroll: 2012, 2013; President of STAO 2013

​This experience is for you and don't forget to have fun!  You will get out of this what you put in and for most it is a very rewarding experience. How many graduates get to say they were a peer leader, taught classes, facilitated large group discussions, organized class activities and supported faculty in developing and delivering course content to students? You are part of a small and elite group of students; take advantage of it.  Lastly, don't get frustrated, students will put up barriers that occassionally can't be torn down.  Don't let this discourage you; my philosophy is "you can't always help everyone, but it never hurts to try".  

Cory Cole: 2010, 2011; FYE Graduate Assistant 2012-2013