FYE Myths

FYE Myths


“The FYE blocks are just like high school and I will only have classes with the same group of people.” 

MYTH!  You will share your classes with students in UN 100 AND other students.  For instance, your EN 111 course will have 25 students in it.  You will know 15 of them from UN 100.


“I have to wait until orientation to sign up for FYE.”

MYTH!  You can sign up for FYE BEFORE orientation.  In fact, signing up for FYE prior to orientation gives you a better chance at getting the exact courses you want.


“FYE classes don’t count towards my major.”

MYTH!  ALL FYE blocks are built with your major in mind.  FYE blocks provide you with liberal studies and introductory major courses.  The UN 100 course counts as an elective towards your baccalaureate degree.


“I already know about NMU…I don’t need seminar.”

MYTH!  UN 100 really is one of the best ways to connect with campus your first semester.  You are guaranteed to learn something new about NMU and your major!


“I can get a better schedule on my own.”

MYTH!  When you register for FYE, we reserve your seats in the block you choose…immediately.  If you wait to register until you attend orientation, you may not get the exact courses you want, or courses for your major at the times you prefer.  After all, courses you select on your own during orientation have been open to other students since March.


“I can’t do Honors and FYE together.”

MYTH!  Honors and FYE do work together.  In most cases, we remove a course form the FYE block so that you can add the Honors course you want.  Give us a call and we will try to work it out!


“I get TIP benefits, and need to be in an associate-level program, so I can’t take the block.”

MYTH!  We welcome students in associate-level programs.  If you are confused about which block you should take, just get in touch with us and we will help you decide on the block that works best.


“I’m a commuter student, so I don’t need the UN 100 class.”

MYTH!  UN 100 is especially great for commuter students.  Off-campus students tell us that UN 100 was a good experience because it helped them feel a connection to campus…it made their first semester feel less like a job, and more like college.