What Do Students Do In UN 100?

What Do Students Do in UN 100?

A little bit of everything!

Each fall semester, there are approximately 90 UN 100 seminars taking place in a variety of academic majors.  Each seminar is designed to give students the opportunity to learn about all that NMU and the surrounding community has to offer.

The photos below provide a good sample of the types of activities you can expect from your UN 100 course.

Students attend a guest presentation by NMU's Health Promotion Office (HPO).  HPO staff meet with nearly every UN 100 course to provide students with easy access to key information about a wide range of social, health-related issues to help in their ongoing decision-making processes. In these critical areas of student health and safety, “information is definitely power.” 

guest lecture

A quick hike is a great way to enjoy the fall colors on campus and get to know the other students in your block.

students hiking

Art and Design block students outside of the DeVos Art Museum.  The museum is part of the School of Art and Design at Northern Michigan University (NMU) and also serves as a regional art museum for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  

students outside of Art Gallery

Students working together to plan their Academic Service Learning project. Academic Service Learning is an exciting teaching methodology that incorporates community service as a means of helping students gain a deeper understanding of course objectives, acquire new knowledge, develop professional expertise and engage in civic activity.  

students planning asl

Students getting ready to learn about majors in the College of Business.  Many UN 100 students attend the Month of Majors event each October. The Month of Majors is an activity that allows students to explore multiple majors by attending a session presented by individual academic departments. During the month, academic departments hold one-hour meetings that provide information about the department, its academic programs, and employment opportunities within the field. Each meeting is concluded with a Q & A session allowing students to get the specific information they want to know.

students attending month of majors

Cheering on the Wildcats during the Homecoming game.

students at football game

A UN 100 class tours the Aviation Maintenance Technology facilities at the Jacobetti Complex.

students in helicopter

A campfire on the beach sounds like a good way to relax after class.

students on beach

A Criminal Justice block poses near a campus entrance sign.

students by NMU sign

UN 100 students make connections that last their entire college career.